thinking of xferring

hey guys..was wondering if it would be a good move to proudmoore horde.. my server, twisting nether (rppvp) has really died down alot recently due to guild xfers and breakups.. im not too heavy into pvp on this toon and am focused more on raiding.. i have a RL friend here in a guild called tainted, why im considering the move as well.. any feedback would be !@#$.. thanx :}
Horde side is fairly well populated and has a generally warm atmosphere. Also, Taint and it's various branches is a great guild - so you can't go wrong there. I'd say if you're not happy on your current realm, it's definitely worth a shot. Though if you're unsure, you could always start leveling a character from scratch here, to help work out whether you'll enjoy the realm or not.
So there are good horde guilds?.. cause all im seeing on the PM forum is that (A).
Save your money
Proudmoore does not have a high horde population raltive to alliance. On that note, it might be higher than wherever you are from since proudmoore itself is high population. Last I heard it was 4:1 alliance to Horde.

While I've heard the horde community on Proudmoore is pretty tight-knit, you may want to check elsewhere if you are wanting a large horde population.

Good luck!
dont do it bro. this place is barren and the community here isnt active enough.

cant even pvp really and taint doesnt recruit because the guilds are all full of inactive alts.

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