[H] Rogue only RP/PVP guild? Yes!

Newly formed, the Whispering Shadows is looking to add new Rogues to the very small, but tight knit, guild. And that it is; this is an All-Rogue, Only-Rogue guild.

How do you join? Let us know you want to. Contact Khenlola or Faelyra via in-game mail. Register on the forums and tell us which Rogue you're thinking of joining with. Tell us on this message thread. Whisper us. Easy as that.

Website: http://www.thewhisperingshadows.com

How about we answer some questions we thought of already?

How could all-Rogues work? You don't have a tank or healer!

That would be tough if we were concerned with PvE, but we're not. We're concerned with RP and PvP. And even then, it is world PvP (not high ranking BG or Arena).

This would never work!

But it has! This guild is inspired by the Vile Thorn guild, which is unfortunately on a European server. Not wanting to miss out, a few of us created a US guild to have just as much fun.

So can I just reroll a Rogue right now?!

Sure can, but we're going to make a level 20 minimum really, really soon. I would strongly recommend you try out the Rogue class first for a little while to make sure you like the class.

This doesn't even make sense; why would you exist?

Short Answer: To make money and kill Alliance.
Long Answer: To make money and kill Alliance with friends.

Does there really need to be a stronger reason than those? We're Rogues, like to play Rogues, and that is that.

I don't know RP well, or PVP, or like them, or something. Can I join?

If you don't know them well, yes you can. Learning is fine. Not interested in one aspect or another though? That isn't fine. We're not expecting scholars of lore or bionic computers to top PvP charts, but you have to give it an honest get go.

I really don't like the Horde, can you go Alliance?

Start an Alliance guild. We would love a rivalry. But no, we're Horde. Come Horde.

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