Elemental PvP Profession Question

I'm having a very difficult time deciding on which professions to go with. I'll have both a Resto and Elemental spec for PvP, and am looking forwards to doing lots of rated battlegrounds, mostly as Elemental.

Is Alchemy totally worthless, if my intent is to do RBGs?

What Professions are other Elemental Shamans using?
Personally i'm Blacksmithing for the 2 extra gem sockets to glove and wrist and engineering for the bombs, glider, trinket on glove effect. I believe those two professions are considered the "best" DPS increasing professions at the moment. Although you lose the majority of your items in engineerinig if you are planning to do rated battlegrounds. I wouldn't say alchemy is totally worthless xD
Engineering has the problem that you can't use both the on use dps trinket and the synapse springs at same time.
The reason I thought Alchemy might be worthless is because someone said that you can't use potions in RBGs or Arena. Is this accurate?
12/03/2012 03:35 PMPosted by Ratdrall
Is this accurate?
No, because you can use Alchemist's Flask in arenas/rbgs. Also you don't consume it when used.

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