New Poison Ideas?

Poisoned Mind: For the next 10 seconds, your attacks will proc all available poisons.

IE You can get all MH and OH poisons procs up on one target for a short duration. (MH would proc both Deadly/Wound, OH would proc Mind Numbing/Crippling (and the others if you have them talented))

Not really a specific poison, but would be something to replace are pretty meh 90 talents.
12/07/2012 12:10 AMPosted by Nanaya
Poison mine: Places a mine on the ground which intoxicates the area with a deadly poison when stepped on. The poison deals heavy damage over time and slows the target by 50% while inside.

OOOOH! I like this in most games its the Spy, Thief, Rogue class that lays traps, this would be great if we could drop a poison trap and not lose stealth...
12/07/2012 04:14 AMPosted by Harland
Did you know that this is caused by the poison starving the cells of oxygen.

No... I was just throwing an idea out, I didn't expect to be met with an argument over semantics on the subject matter.
Lethargic Poison;

Slows the Melee attack speed by 15% and lowers the damage of the target by 4%
I was thinking of bringing Anesthetic poison with some new twist.

Anesthetic Poison- Utility poison, talent, 50% appliaction chance, duration 8-12 secs which ever turns out to be more balanced. When applied to the target slows their energy/rage/focus regen speed by 20%, removes enrage effects and prevents them from being activated but also reduces the damage the target takes by 15%. The Shiv effect is where the twist is however, Shiv effects the rogue not the target, the rogue stabs himself delivering a concentrated dose of the poison which dispells enrage's( so if he has bloodlust, the berseker power-up or hysteria it would dispell it) on him, reduces his energy regen by 20% but decreases all dmg taken by 50% for 5sec.

I think a tier of our talents should be dedicated to poisons having leeching, para, and this on the same teir so you can't get more then one of them as such I think para would need to be buffed to be a choice against this, or just nerf this is if it's too strong.
Rogue Blood- Every hit point gives the rogue more dodge/parry against the enemy targets attacks.

When rogue blood is shiv'd into the victims bloodstream it Imbues the infected with pure Rogue energy, making them invisible and unable to interact/battle with anything around them for 10 seconds.

A Rogues blood used as a weapon/poison!
-OP Poison-

Instantly kills target regaurdless of HP amount. (Cannot be stacked)

-Shiv Effect-
Instantly kills target regaurdless of HP amount.
If you're going to have a poison that just instantly kills someone, there has to be a trade off.

How about when you shiv the Death Poison, it takes 15 seconds for it to destroy your target. In that 15 seconds, the infected victim gains both a gain in resource regeneration and damage, by about 75%. They also can see through Stealth, but not Vanish.

I mean, rogues are supposed to be really good at avoiding things and getting away, so you should be able to hide from them for 15 seconds, right?
Mind Altering poison : Stacks up to 5 times. When 5 stacks are reached, the targets NEXT spell or ability used / casted will be random and not what they attempted to use / cast. This effect cannot occur more than 3 times per target every minute. Also can affect non class abilities like trinket use and bandages. During this time they also get a debuff called "Mind Altered" for 6 seconds.

If they try to use an ability or cast during the 6 seconds debuff of "Mind Altered", the effect continues. So they are forced to do nothing for 6 seconds, or risk blowing a random cool down.

For example lets say you get 5 stacks on me. I decide I want to bestial wrath, I press bestial wrath but my character uses deterrence ( chosen by the poisons proc ). I still have the bestial wrath cooldown but I now have prematurely blown a deterrence for example.
Lol Poison: Cause the target to laugh uncontrollably at your futile attempts to kill him, making his spit fly at all of his allies within a 10yd radius, applying your lethal poison to all affected and causing them to /lol at the rogue.
What about a cooldown that doubles the effects of all poisons for a period of time.

Poison of lethargy? - increases the gcd of their spells by an extra .25 seconds per stack, stacks 4 times? Just a thought. Don't see much pve use but whatever.
say goodbye to gouge and blind
??? Poison (dunno what to call it.)

All instant cast spells/abilites have a .5 second cast time for 10 seconds. 3-4PPM

Shiv Effect: Causes opponents to have 2 GCD's be incurred with every ability for 4 seconds. (Or force a GCD that lasts 2x as long.)
Lethargy Poison (Non-lethal)
    50% chance to apply: "Induces extreme Fatigue* in the victim, reducing movement speed by 50% and limiting maximum movement speed** for 8 seconds."
    Shiv Effect: "Reduces the target's movement speed by 70% and applies 1 stack of Lethargy***. Upon reaching 3 stacks, the target is put to sleep for 4 seconds. Any damage dealt to the target other than your poison and bleed effects will awaken the target."

    Replaces Crippling Poison.

*Name of the Poison debuff applied to target.
**Target cannot move faster than 100% of normal movement speed.
***Physical effect, undispellable. Cannot be removed by anything other than Diving Shield/Ice Block type effects. Lasts 15 seconds.

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