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Despite my respect for Silv, he and I disagree on many topics.

This isn't one of them.

First off, plate is misrepresented in your post and in popular media.

Backstory does matter, though. If a 20 is a veteran of the third war who took three tours through the frontline and your 90 is some up and coming recruit whose never had the misfortune to fight for his life, then I would expect you to defer to rank and proven ability. In fact, I'd consider it bad roleplay not to. Almost godmoding, in fact.

On the other hand, if you're both longtime vets, then I'd fall back to level to determine skill. Common sense should win the day. I'm still in favor of duels as combat solutions, but I typically only take that course when A. the other guy wants to duel really badly or B. my character is in such a situation that it would be a conflict of history to NOT fight. Fighting to the death or even to serious injury is not something to be taken lightly. It's not fun, and people don't do it FOR fun. Lurching to your feet and pulling steel for every "Your mom!" crack is not how life works.
I've never used level in RP. As far as I'm concerned, level and anything that depends on it(Gear equips, dueling, mobs) are OoC and have nothing to do with RP.

It's just letting game mechanics intrude into your RP, and most of the time whoever's a proponent of the level being a factor is doing so for some kind of advantage they wouldn't have otherwise.
The only thing that matters is if you are having fun. Most people hate to lose. They will do anything to win, even using lopsided levels and gear to pwn their victims in an effort to come out on top. The level 90 who decimates the level 10 in one shot is a bully in my eyes. If you cannot fight with another player of similar skill and gear, what kind of challenge is it?

The only reason you fight at all is to win, and the survival instinct means you take every advantage you can get.

The best rp I have ever had was when I set out to lose...yes lose...a fight. My warlock was killed in a battle over an article of power and the rp was completely set up for this battle. We posted, we emoted and dueled. My warlock lost and he was gone from that server. It was epic and I enjoyed it a great deal, because the rp was so well done.
Why should they not be allowed to RP a novice mage at 85 or 90?

Maybe that's the character they want to RP, a novice mage who never goes beyond to become an Archmage, or even a full-fledged mage.

Or what about the person who is a level 90 warrior RPing as a bread merchant? Should they suddenly be able to whoop someone who is a level 60 warrior, who actually RPs a warrior, based on the fact they're a level 90?

Or are they not allowed to play a bread merchant now?

I never said that someone can't RP as a novice, I said they should allow their character to progress. Even a novice mage will eventually gain more power as they continue to study and practice. It would be foolish of them not to ICly.

Everything I have said is my personal belief, not a "you must do this or you suck!" kinda thing. Can a 90 RP a novice well? Certainly. Could a warrior be a bread merchant? Of course. Should some level 10 be a mighty general who led armies against the orcs in the third war? If done right they can, but I tend to be a little more skeptical.

I suppose it all comes down to personal preference whether you include levels with your character or not. However, when you have two differing opinions on the situation that's where many problems arise. As others have said, no one wants to lose (well most of the time anyway) and will look for an advantage if they can find one.

I will say it clearly now, as I tried to before, level or gear isn't everything and gear really shouldn't matter at all, but I like to have it as a factor in the character. Oh and I hate duels deciding RP fights. No creativity and it requires both gear and level to decide the winner.
Ignore the troll folks

He posted this same thread in our realm forums to start stuff up.

Also, second post in this thread shows his "tastefulness" with feel good threads.
i actually agree with maoseitun here >.>

rp=/=game mechanics
I'm sorry that our QQer didn't just stay on our realm forums where we're used to people screaming and seething.


He's upset because he was blocked from ERP with a female blood elf that his character was flirting with.
Funny, Wilbyr. A troll both literally and figuratively.

Level can equate to character growth/experience. For example, RPing your way through the levels, but to state level automatically indicates the stronger/more experienced in battle is just poor RP.

Duelling is visually more interesting than descriptive battles. I think the two can be incorporated for an effective RP battle. The lower level can attack while the higher level 'defends'.

Mind you, that wouldn't work if the higher class has some retaliation ability to dodged or missed attacks.
In my experience, RP is based off of RP.

A character's power increases through experience, yes, but not real in-game levels and experience.

When you start out in an RP community, you're not very well known, you haven't shown what you can do. Yes you may be a vet of the first and second wars, but if you can't prove that through how you RP, you're not going to be taken seriously. Now, if you have the ability to prove it, and prove it time and time again, as you become more well-known in the community as thats how you RP, thats who your character becomes.

It was a painful lesson I had to learn. I didn't want to accept that anyone could come and whoop me, just cause I was new, but in time it stoppped mattering to me because it was enjoyable. Then your character grows, you can change him/her, and things begin to go more your way.

It's all give and take in RP. You can't always win, but you shouldn't expect/be forced to always lose.
A level 90 Scorpid from the Dread Wastes could kill a level 60 Ragnaros.

Level means nothing.

I love this quote.
I'm on team "level is no meaning in RP"
I also have new found love/respect for Maoseitun
My shadow priest who is level 36 may be a veteran of lots of war, a novice at what he does.
Just cause your level 90 shaman can one-shot him OOCly, doesn't mean so ICly. I RP to NOT deal with many things, including the pressure of levels and such.
I'm on team "level is no meaning in RP"
I also have new found love/respect for Maoseitun

Also... to the thread's title...

This Actually Doesn't Matter.
^ I chuckled.
But more so to the point, levels don't matter.
I have a level 86 goblin who's a fatass who can't lift a sword, can't run, all that athletic stuff. If he would fight a level 1 orc, or even an orc who can't lift a sword... most likely he would die. Being 86 has NOTHING to do with him.
but leveling is mind-numbingly easy now and if someone can't be bothered to invest the hour or two it takes to reach lvl 20

So someone who just wants to RP with that toon can't do that. Someone who would rather spend two hours *just* RPing can't have a powerful character. That's not allowed because they're not invested, is that right?

Sorry. Once again. No. Level does not matter. The only way to say that level matters is to say that the absolutely most-hardcore RPers can't have powerful characters. And that does not fly with me. If someone wants to have a toon that they literally dedicate solely to RP, as far as I'm concerned, good for them and they can play any kind of character they want.
I don't really take level into consideration, but I do appreciate when people level enough to help make their character more believable.

For instance, a level 15 or so character that claims to have fought demons in Shadowmoon Valley, but in reality they can't even enter the Outlands unless a mage ports them to Shatt, and then they can't even set a toe outside without getting murdered by a spider or wolf.

If I see someone claiming to be a grizzled Northrend veteran at level 10, I'm not going to call them out or claim that couldn't have happened. But I like when that character is at least able to walk the battlefields they claim to have labored on. In my opinion, that shows more dedication to the character.
Just as an aside here, and a way to get around the ridiculous claims. When leveling a character, and you wish to rp as a seasoned veteran, can it be possible to say you perhaps changed professions slightly?

For example: You have leveled a warrior to say, 90. and you decide you don't really care for warrior or whatever reason you want to explore being, say, a rogue.

Instead of making an entirely different character you give the new one the same name,( if you delete your warrior) and then rp him (or her) as deciding to learn new methods of fighting and so forth. That way you can claim to have been to Northrend or wherever, just you were maybe seriously injured or sick, or some other complication that gives you an out.

This is just my idea of a way to handle it. What do you all think?

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