<The Hand of Vengeance> HRP/PvP ((Forsaken))

Moon Guard
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Want me to roll around?
12/04/2012 01:00 PMPosted by Volänaro
Want me to roll around?

Please do.
Oh wait.

*sprinkles mandarin sauce on the ground.*

Okay. You can roll around in that.
How can you sprinkle Mandarin sauce?
undead gypsy magic
12/04/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Purius
undead gypsy magic

How is this even...*trails off*
Yeah, what Purius said.
TWENTY-FOURTH COMMENT! watcha gonna dooOoooO
Wight Knight double-deader reporting for bump duty, SIR!
Wite nite dbl dedr.

o yea.
once a pon a time, siblis and praxos had a fight in the middle of the cataclaysm
deathwng obersevred closely as the 2 powerul warlocks fought to the death
tauren cheered over the elves, whilse the elves cheered over the gnomes
'praxos!' the majority of them said. praxos congeorged up a shadow bolt, launching it towards siblis. "aaahh!" siblis screeched!!! "pls forgiv me, praxos!" praxos sighed. "u owe me one, felsorrow!!!!!" praxos giggled softly. but under that gigling praxos was secretley plottin revenge towards siblis - he runed his reputation. "he must never be forgiven!" he said at slyvannas. "i will keep him under close watch, master praxos." slyvannas muttred

one month pases be4 these 2 demi gods cross eachothers paths. siblis shakes in his boots! 'master praxos, i didnt meen 2 tread on ur terrtry.' praxos hissed lik an angry black jungle rare spirit panther!!!! "WHY R U AT MY TERRIROTY, SIBLIS! I TOLD U TO STAY AWAY FRM HER!!!!" siblis started crying. Siblis. Started. Crying. "Praxos...Praxos, i'm sorry. I didn't mean yo infurtistae u, sir!!!!" "no..........no..... not this time, demon spane! u will dye now, siblis, bane of holyness!" praxos adjudds the curtans so the sun is exposed. siblis hisses as the golden rays of holy light imprude upon his unholy, rotten flesh. "u evil beast........" praxos shaked his head at the evil man. "today...today is ur end!!!!!" he lauhged a hearty chuckal as sibleus began to sparkle. 'what r u going to do now, demon spawn? u hav no darknes 2 protect u for!!!!!!........WHAT THE!!!!!??" the demon spawn HIMSELF turnt into a lot of scary bats! he flewed off into the dark bowels of the undercity. "mayb not this tim...maybe not next. but u will di under my hand, dark master. u. will. die . under my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....????!!!!"

until next time.........http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/238/639/ca5.gif

praxos sighed. selste was being diffcult......... "look, missis seleste. i jst need 2 kno the locatshun of ur husband!!!!!!!" seleste was on the verge of crying "i told u praxos! I dnt kno wher he at, HOMIE!" praxos scoffed at her child-like tone. "i have no time for games.......................................................... i need to find tht man immediyatly!! u dnt understand he is dedalier then deathwng... he wil make a 5th cataclysm......." seltestee nodted "i understnd.... i understnd ur nede 2 captre sibuleus." praxos nodded "good good good... u c why he has 2 be destoryed wit a stake now???????" the female noded " i do.... siblis is benethe the double ranebow in gilneaus ....... that is wher u wil find him" days past....mayb evn months. who knows, praxos dont hav a calndor. he finaly made it at gilnaus... shhhh.....that beast it ther... he squinted at siblis "disgusting beast..........how can god mak such a disgusitng cratur----.....oh my goodness!" praxos shouted. is that tiryon ford on the gorund, ded?!!!!!?? did siblis kil the master of light, the weileder of ashbroughter? it cant b...the world is doomed. praxos cant do this HUGE Task alon he wil need assiatcne from his tauren and orc freinds....he will hav 2 bring in the hole horde 2 kill this beast. praxos slinked away in the knihgt.... tonite u will liv, beast. tonite.... u will liv.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1uv-w5quH4 until next time

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