I just found a good gay tv series!

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"Queer as Folk" is the best of the best gay television series. There won't be nothing like it ever!!!! Anyone who enjoys watching gay movies this is a wonderful gay television show. Also, if you like any other gay films just ask me to list them cause I know them all!
I FINALLY got the last season on dvd. Well mom did for xmas for me. We can't really have it under the tree. Usually they would have it all in one box set. That's tricky if you've bought the previous seasons.

If you want something ridonkulously cheesy/eye candy try Dantes Cove. Or "The Lair" Rock stupid characters but they look pretty.

*also it's odd you list this show just now when that shows been done for years*
Have you guys seen I Love You Phillip Morris? It's a hilarious gay movie with Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey.
12/09/2012 04:26 AMPosted by Ilikepurple
I have the UK version but alas haven't watched it much. I do like the fact that Charlie Hunnam is in it though(Jaxx from Sons of Anarchy). The movie "Short Bus" is rather good in the "gay movies" category. Though, in all honesty, it's one of my favorite movies regardless of type.

Didn't know that about Charlie. I enjoyed Sons of Anarchy maybe up until the 3rd season started. Lost interest. Still laugh when I see Tiggs though in Silent Hill. Was watching that on my livestream one night. Completely forgot he was in it so my friends just hear me laughing going "wtf tiggys in this?!"

Some of them didn't see the show so woosh. Right over their heads.
I enjoy watching good movies do you know any? Gay, straight or bi doesn't matter.

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