Druid courtesy

Back in the old days of night elves and tauren exclusive druids, i recall on many occasions being in moonglade (or even out in the world), and if i ran into a druid of the opposing faction, we would generally ignore each other (BG's were a bit different...)
I wonder though, does this still occour? or are we sufficient enough in number now with worgen and troll allies that you ignore the courtesy and attack on sight?
I never noticed class-based ceasefire in the past or present, so I'm gonna go ahead and say no.

Also nobody goes to Moonglade. Nobody.
That's going way back..way back.
I do remember an implicit druid truce, even through TBC.

We were Horde or Alliance, sure, but we were also Druids.
while I was on smolderthorn, i fairly remember druids ignoring each other consitently, it was rare situations where druids did attack each other.
I remember having a dance party with multiple druids back in classic while hanging out in moonglade. It was a good spot away from being killed in town randomly while waiting for a raid to start up, and really close to felwood where you could farm thick/rugged leather pretty easy while sitting in bg queue; which was around 10 minutes. You would queue up in stormwind, teleport nowhere (moonglade), take the flightpath into felwood and farm for a few minutes, then it would pop up, and punt you back to stormwind and you would repeat the process.

Every druid I come across I /meow at them on my druid. But no matter what class I am on if I see a treant... I must scream "TREE" and /hug it.
I can recall several instances in which horde druids and I saluted each other, and then went on our merry way. Both inside of Moon Glade, and out. With more world pvp because of MoP, I don't think it exists any more. Although I still tend to ignore horde druids, and target their less druidy companions.
I think its mainly just due to the influx of people during LK (The Code was in effect mainly in Vanilla and TBC), right around the time when druids became a viable class for more than just healing. They didn't know about it, druids were good in PVP / PVE, and there were too few oldies to teach the new cubs / kittens / turkeys / and the occasional overzealous tree that forgot they weren't in their DPS spec...

I still pass a druid on my other druid (on a PVP server) thinking they'll ignore me, but 9 / 10x, they kill me now, even though I don't put up a fight or anything... :(

I do remember the dance parties, and I remember a case where I was attacked by some hordie in Vanilla or BC with a horde druid nearby (we had just /saluted), and suddenly the attacker backing off. The horde druid then /waved, mounted up, and went on his way.
Pretty sure I've danced on the corpse of a certain druid on my server who went running(?) through the hozen village at a bad time.

So much for "what goes on at the Hozen village, stays with the Hozen village." /haddock
I definitely remember not attacking opposite-faction druids in Classic and TBC. Every other class was fair game though.
I didn't attack other Druids in Moonglade. Otherwise red was dead (unless they were a lot lower... I get no joy out of killing people that can't fight back).
I actually remember this (I had a lvl23 druid I never played back then). Ashenvale was made a lot easier the second time around. I also remember this rule: Don't attack a female dwarf or a female tauren, they were more than likely girls (I was 13...silly rules).
Me being a ruthless druid who lifts. I kill every druid I see even as resto.
I will say I still make it a point not to take gathering nodes or rare mobs from other druids. I will even help out a druid from a different faction kill a rare mob if he got to it first.
I never attack other druids first. Sometimes the other druid attacks me and then of course I fight back. But I remember circling around other druids in flight form and bear dancing with other druids when we ran into each other in the wild.

I also might have made some lowbie druids petrified by planting mushrooms around a neutral questgiver...but I never, ever, detonated them. At least not until a mage showed up.
We should bring back the truce. I tend to ignore or even help a druid on the other side. We used to be the druid community and it was always nice to see a druid helping out another while the lesser classes beat each other senseless.
I get great satisfcation from killing another druid (or healing someone that kills one).

I pvp too much ... :3

Now while questing I may ignore another druid. Before I moved to a pvp server I was killing a rare, back when I was horde/troll, and a fellow night elf druid assisted me :D I of course /thanked and /hugged them. But if one attacks me, I'm going all out >D
The first time this toon was ever ganked was in Moonglade by a Night Elf Druid when I was there for the bear form quest. Or maybe it was seal form? One of them anyways. IIRC, the AQ war effort hadn't started yet. I popped in and BAM dead.
If I come across another druid, especially another moonkin (I don't see many of us these days :( ) I won't attack. I'll fight back if they attack me though.

Unfortunately, I haven't experienced the same courtesy from Alliance. In fact, ironically enough, I"ve notied the alliance on my server are MUCH more aggressive than the horde. I've always been under the impression that "the lion only eats when it's hungry" and that the alliance is more about defense and keeping the peace, horde is more aggressive. Certainly not what I've experienced, druids or not.

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