<A> 'Weeks Behind' 10m Raid/Guild Recruitment

Recently formed guild, 12/03/2012, seeks to fill the rest of our core 10m raid team for consistent, solid, and painless progression.

Our background...
-are a group of (5) or so RL friends that have played since release, and have not yet expanded our scope of play beyond competitive PvP
-are mostly male, between ages 18-26 college students and recent graduates
-express a bit of crude humor more than 60% of the time
-want to casually and smoothly progress through 10m content, relying on our skill (not time) to accomplish this goal

What we want...
-able to raid *most 7:30p.m, Tuesdays, Sundays, and Mondays
-able to perform above a mediocre level of play

Current Raid:


Ele Shaman
Fre Mage
Bst Hunter

Class/Role availability:
1x possible
Paladin or Death Knight

1x possible
Shaman or Paladin

x3 possible
Skilled DPS, most any class will be fine.

Please respond to this thread with interest, class, role, and character name as appropriate.
(Or send an in-game message to any member within 'Weeks Behind')

365-367 (Tichon down so I cant check)
Holy Pally with a Ret OS
I've raided with the top raiding guilds on Mal'Ganis during Cata although I played a rogue then. I now play a paladin. Last expansion played Ret Dps. This expansion i'm playing holy. I have raid exp and have raided for long periods of times . I have access to voice communication.
Character name Steven.
Dont raid with this guy, I do 2s with him. He's not good.
@Steven - adding you next time I log... First possible raid will be this Sunday, ~7:30 (MSV).
Love the guild name. Good luck. :]
Well thanks, Fatality.

I might need to send you a tell about your Elegon strat...
Definitely like this guild you guys should check it out we're really looking forward to getting some new members.
Well thanks, Fatality.

I might need to send you a tell about your Elegon strat...

Sure thing.
Still looking for more DPS to fill the last few spots in our 10m. First potential raid date is this Sunday, 12/10/2012 at 7:30 p.m.

If interested, please respond or send anyone in 'Weeks Behind' an in game message.

Le bump~
475-478 frost dk Frost dk with a tank os
I raided with a couple of top guilds on Mal'Ganis with Steven I would always be 1st or close to it on the charts I also raided a hunter back then. I have a lot of raid exp just none for this content patch. This expansion I haven't been able to find a stable raiding guild and i'm very interested in any guild even through progression i'm very ready to get back into a guild that I can call home.
Qcd - MSV tonight at 7:30. If you are on, send me a tell... I would like to get you and Steven on board.

Solid 4/6 last night - it was nice to have you guys , QCD+Steven.

Update: Still need more DPS to fill remaining spots.

PST if you are a solid DPS who is able to carry their weight and would like to join a core 10m raid group/guild.

Filling out nicely...

Still need (2) core DPS to complete our 10m raid team.

Preferably a Hunter, Warlock, or Mage.

Please respond here or in game to any/most members of Weeks Behind. We will be raiding MSV (on Elegon) on Sunday 6:00 p.m.
Bump for this Sunday - cleared 4/6 MSV earlier this week - intending 6/6 tomorrow.

LF2M DPS for core raid team.

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