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Anyone got any ideas of build a better pc then the XPS dell desktop or would build my own would be a good idea?

So if i going to build my own pc i need to get a full tower right?I not sure what hardware would be good?
Do you need to get a full tower? No, not if you don't want one.

Would it be a good idea? I don't know, since I don't know you, but if you're comfortable with your technical skills, sure, it's possible. I don't think it's really any harder than putting together a Lego set.

If you want to know what hardware would be worthwhile, there's a very helpful guide in this forum.

If you have any questions, you can just ask, and we can deliver answers.
I just want to make sure i get the right tower so everything would have the space for it:)
You'd need to have some rather extensive hardware needs to require a Full tower.

Sure, you probably don't want to get an ITX or Micro-ATX case, but a common size is enough for most everybody.

But there's nothing wrong with getting a larger tower, if that's what you want.
My favorite thing about Full Towers is the simple fact that it's sooooooo much easier to route cabling & such. If you have big hands, for example, or iffy hand-eye coordination (OR if you drank too much coffee & you're a bit jittery now) more space in your case is so nice. But pretty much any computer part outside of a few beefcake heatsinks can be installed just fine in any Mid Tower. Basically, you'll swear less when building a Full Tower vs a Mid Tower...and *that* might be worth it! :D
12/04/2012 06:24 PMPosted by Chelsí
I just got a HAF 932 blue edition. It's awesome!

Zomg Chelsi we agree on something!!!!

Yeah the Cooler Master HAF series are sooooooooo awesome, be it the 932 or HAF X 942 (I got the 942...bigger side window!) Can't go wrong either way.
I third the Coolermaster HAF 932. You certainly don't have to go full tower; I have seem some gorgeous and clean mid tower builds, but I like having the extra space inside for expandability and access.

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