power aura seems dead, any suggestion?

UI and Macro
Heya, I was using power aura since forever, but it seems like it's pretty dead and was wondering if there were any good alternative.

A bit more specifically, if there was an alternative that could watch out for rapture CD (rapture is a passive that has a 15 sec CD but doesn't give any buff or anything that could figure out how to track with power aura)
http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/weakauras is the spiritual successor to PowerAuras.

http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/ingelasrapture will track your Rapture availability, if that's all you're after.
Weakauras DOES have one problem Powerauras was nice for: It doesn't have an easy way of tracking stacks. At least, not that I've found. You can recolor the aura for every stack, for example, but you can't make it flat out print out your stacks on the screen.

However, it lets you do SO MANY other things, it's a fair trade in my eyes. It's a lot harder to set up, though.
Weakauras will show the stacks of anything you want. Under display there's text options. %s is stack.

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