487 mage LF progression raiding guild

Hi, I am highly considering transferring my mage to your server but I would like to find a guild to raid with first. I have played my mage for about 5 years now tackling normal and heroic progression. Because of my work schedule I am looking for a guild (10man preferably but not oppose to 25mans) that either raids weekends or early evenings during the week. I have cleared 1/6heroic MSV and 3/6HoF. Because of the latest nerf to fire mages I am learning as much about frost raiding to become as proficient in frost as I am in fire. To contact me directly add me as a real friend ID @ sensfreek@hotmail.com. I look forward to your reply. :D

- Hynie
Bless the Martyr here,
looking to fill core spots with some talented raiders
Standard raid schedule:
Sunday-Wednesday8:30-12:00 EST

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