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Technical Support
Im probably not posting this in the right place, but I hope that somebody can still help me out.

For whatever reason my computer refuses to play any sort of internet media. Youtube, pandora, etc. I can play world of warcraft and itunes just fine though. Does anybody have any idea why this might be?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
Hi Vectors,

The tech support forum is here:

Do you have the latest updates for flash?

Does the issue affect other web-browsers? Try using Explorer, Firefox or Chrome and see if the issue persists.
I updated flashplayer to no avail.

The problem did not persist when using google chrome, so it appears that firefox is the issue.
Try updating or disabling your browser plugins, e.g. real player and the various divx players are ones people seem to have issues with.

You could also try the firefox plugin 'up-to-date' check; press ctrl-shift-a and go to plugins then at the top click 'Check to see if your plugins are up to date'.
It's also possible you have the sound from Firefox turned down or muted through windows.

In the lower right hand corner of your screen; click the sound icon and click on "Mixer" (make sure firefox is running) and double check to see if the volume for firefox is turned up.
The last few versions of Flash have been notorious for crashing, so expect your browser to freeze from time to time when running anything flash based. You can get your browser working again by forcefully closing Flash from the task manager when it crashes.
When you updated Flash remember that on the website when you update Flash it defaults to IE and may not install the right plug-in for Firefox or Google. There is a spot on the site where it asks you if you’re downloading for a different browser and you can pick your OS and your Browser. Try that and it should work on FF.

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