[A] <Bismarck> 5/13HM Recruiting for 5.4

<Bismarck> is a 10 man raiding guild with many members from all around the globe, including Singapore, Australia and Canada. We are currently at 6/14. We are currently recruiting for our main raid to progress in SoO, and are looking for dedicated people who are punctual and can follow instructions.

Our raid times are currently:
Thursday 7-11pm ST
Friday 7-11pm ST

We are currently looking for(min ilvl 525):
Ele Shaman (with healer offspec)

If you are interested please send Cheesebox, Wraid or Anarkhyx an in game mail and we will try and get back to you asap! Hope to see you in game!
hai fronds
Hey! :D
updated OP.
needs more room for cute gnome mages like cakevendor
Have to check with the boss, I'll get back to you in game.
hi if ur interested in a rogue and spriest team to join ur raids contact one of us. check Armory for gear etc we have experience. poisonstixx is spriest.
We pretty much have space for only one ranged sadly =/
OP updated.
OP updated for 5.2! aaaand recruitment spot filled thanks everyone!
Updated once again, thank you.
I approve of this guild.
needs more room for cute gnome mages like cakevendor

There is better knom's out there you gnowe.
Recruitment opened once again, please refer to the op thanks!
le bump
my priest needs more gear guys! huehue
Always welcome to leech off us when you're free Stacy :D
^ by that i mean my druid needs lots of gear huehue xD

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