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I cant seem to find a list of where to pick up the quests for Scenarios.
So I am going to list the ones I have managed to find, if you know the locations or any that I miss pls list them. :)

It would seem you must complete the storyline for the zone for the quest to show up ( I might be wrong on this point )

Unga Ingoo = quest found at Marista in Krasarang Wilds. ( coords, 52.4, 76.1 )...
Quest name - Funky Monkey Brew... Quest Giver - Brewmaster Bo (he patrols so might not be at the exact coords)

The Brewmoon Festival = quest found just out side the Ancient Passage in The Vailed Stair. ( coords, 51.9, 43.8 )... Quest name - The Hun-Lai Kicker... Quest Giver - Brewmaster Boof.

Greenstone Village = quest found in greenstone village in the Jade Forest. ( coords, 47.4, 37.0 )... Quest name - Volatile Greenstone Brew... Quest Giver - Brewmaster Tzu. (monk trainer)

Pandaren Brewmasters = quest found at Thunderpaw Overlook in Jade Forest. ( coords, 38.3, 30.3 )... Quest name - Blanches Boomer Brew... Quest Giver - Brewmaster Blanche. (she patrols so might not be at the exact coords)
The Arena of Annihilation - quest at Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit ( coords, 68,7 48,4 )... Quest name - The Arena of Annihilation... Quest Giver - Gurgthock...

The one you can Que for in the Scenario finder, but it isn't a normal scenario and it's not list as a Scenario in your quest log. But I added it here anyway.
I cant remember but I think you can also get this quest automatically when you enter the Arena.
Up Dated... Pls add a reply if you know of any I missed
Thanks for this!

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