[H] <Tactical Retreat> LF TANK 10M Daytime

The guild's core is composed of skilled adult players (18+) that have been raiding together since the beginning of MoP. Our members are mainly stable people living in Europe, or longtime 3rd shift people living in the US.

We offer a friendly environment for skilled off-time players willing to progress into endgame raiding content.
We adhere to a 3 day raid schedule for our progression/farm status.

Our raid schedule is: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
U.S. Central - 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM ( Server Time)

We currently are running One daytime 10 man raid group.

Raid Team
Normal Mode
Throne of Thunder 12-12
Mogu'shan Vaults 6-6
Heart of Fear 6-6
Terrace of Endless Spring 4-4

Heroic Mode
Throne of Thunder 0-13
Mogu'shan Vaults Heroic 4-6
Heart of Fear Heroic 0-6
Terrace of Endless Spring Heroic 0-4

Team Alphas
Currently Looking for exceptional players 518+ ilvl
DPS - Warlock

Also open to others that may eventually become raiders.

More Info!


Feel free to pst any of the below names for more info about the guild.
Lynchtactic - Real ID - Lynch#1772
Ganawii - Recruiting Officer
Bump Now 1-6 HoF
Are you recruiting Fury Warriors? I work 3rd shift and am looking for raid times like these.
We currently could use a Mdps being that we have only 1 atm, you will have to pst me in game so we can talk more.
Bump Still in need for a full time Healer (druid, Shammy, Monk) with a dps off spec!
Good afternoon,

I'm a 479 ilvl holy priest, and have been raiding since BC. Due to scheduling I have not been as active in raiding as I would like. (I'm a late night/ GY worker) I know you guys are not currently actively seeking a holy priest, thought I would try in any case!
Go ahead and add me to Real ID, Lynch#1772 and we can talk more about it.
I am tank who just started playing again im 470 6/6 MV. Would you have any spot for me?
We would only have a back up stop for you atm. So it would be up to you, you can add me to real id if you want to know more.
Garalon Down! 3-6 HoF
LF a Resto Druid for Core Spot
Wind Lord down! Still LF a resto druid for core spot
Hello !

I am a 484 resto shaman with elemental off-spec 483 ilvl, and I would love to join this guild because the raiding times suits me perfectly. I am from europe as well; from United Kingdom.

I have been raiding since BC and have raided in Cata heavily as well. Ranked 2nd in 10 man guilds in the server Mal'ganis in patch 4.3.

When Heart of Fear released I took a break from WoW and I came back yesterday. I have killed HM Stone Guards on the 3rd week of release and have done 4/6 HoF on the first week, then I quit and i didn't get to raid terrace of the endless Springs.

Anyways, please message me in-game !

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