85 twinks are hear come join us

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Welcome one and all to the 85 Twink Thread; here you will find an information pool regarding our bracket and a directory for guilds/servers. Enjoy!

x 85 Twinking x

85 twinking is all about fun, plain and simple. Most of our twinks are either playing the CATA xpac or simply chose to not level their 85s. It is our game and we play how we want. We have access to the most gear, titles, achievements and stats of any twink bracket, which makes us by far the best twinking bracket to be a part of. Class variations and spec choices is astronomical here; how you want to play is by far the best way to play.

x Activities x

At 85 we have access to all CATA WoTLK, BC and Vanilla raid content. We also have access to several MoP instances which provide us with BIS items. PVP is the biggest and most crucial part of keeping this bracket alive. Queues are rather slow as of lately generally 15-30 minutes. With more players will come faster queues.

x What is the brackets level range? x

The 85 bracket is from level 85 to 89. Whoah! players over 85? We will get owned!!!! :(

DON'T PANIC! While it does give them an advantage health wise, it is offset by the fact these players have to level up 4 extra levels in order to gain those MINIMAL benefits.

The only legitimate reason why a character will be leveled higher then 85 is to gain new abilities. Even then, the only other advantage to leveling higher then 85 is a very minor increase to primary stats (Strength, Agility, or Intellect) in exchange for a major decrease in secondary stats, like Crit, Haste, or Mastery. This will be offset by MOP greens, and possibly BoAs.

x Let's get a twinkin! x

Now that you have a basic idea of what to expect in our bracket, it's time to dust off the armor and get cracking! Some very basic information:

Professions are a MUST. We have access to MoP-level profession benefits (for some professions) which give us stat buffs far in excess of what is normally reachable by an 85

PvP is the lifeblood of the bracket. It's one of the few activities that even guildless and friendless (ask for Real-IDs/Battletags!) 85s can be a part of. There are standard battleground as well as 2v2 Arena. 3v3 and 5v5 Arena ques rarely if ever pop.

If you want to raid, it's best to join one of the guilds listed below, unless you feel comfortable and able to lead PuG runs on your own server. Make sure you ask before transferring.

x Professions x

Engineering and Tailoring buck for first place on the MoP profession list. Engineering is highly recommended, as the proc is controllable and it comes with other useful tinkers.

Engineering: The old favorite perks like parachute cloak (now a glider is useable as well) and the various belt tinkers (rocket boots, invisibility field, 18k shield, etc) are still useable, but the main attraction of Engineering are the new Synapse Springs Mark II- 1920 of a primary stat for ten seconds on a one-minute cooldown.

Tailoring: Gives access to 3 powerful cloak enchants-

Darkglow- Gives a chance to increase spirit by 3000 while casting.

Lightweave- Gives a chance to increase intellect by 2000 while casting.

Swordguard- Gives a chance to increase attack power by 4000 while attacking with melee or from range.

Only ONE may be used at a time. Proc is uncontrollable.

Tailoring also provides a+285 Intellect +165crit/spirit leg armor. Useful for casters and/or hybrids who plan on healing.

The second-best profession for 80s is:
Leatherworking. It provides an incredible
+500 to a primary stat through wrist enchantsas well as a
+285 Strength/Agility +165 crit bonusin the form of leg armor.

Leatherworking also has Stamina (wrists) and Stamina + Dodge (legs) enchants, meaning it supports tanking far more then the other two professions.

Other professions of note:

Alchemy: With the Zen Alchemist stone that 85s are able to craft 754 mastery and 4000 to int str agil , Alchemy is a decent choice if you're strength dps or don't feel like upgrading.

Herbalism: 2880 haste cooldown that stacks with on use trinkets

All other professions:Nothing here of note. You may level other professions if you wish, but none will be as viable as the ones listed above.


Electrostatic @ Arathor
Forum is slowly growing zomg
obligatory bump
^ very needed
that feel when no Stormy Serpent's Eye
i wish there was mystic ones lol or i woulda went Jc instead of Bs
and here i thought i had a novel idea, twinking at 85. sadface and happyface at the same time
forum is dead but bracket is roaring less then 5 mins for a bg que norm
dont be fooled by Que times as much as i want this bracket to work cause it is the most fun atm, 60% of the ppl in thoes bgs are just ppl who didnt buy mop same thing happend at 80 when cata hit i was getting AV all the time and ques were 3-4 min long

after a 2 or 3 months it died need to get more ppl in this bracket while its starting up
Yea lol trying to get it started not working very well
there are alot of ppl intrested in this bracket i personally know alot of 80s who moved up into it
11/25/2012 05:05 PMPosted by Umâdbro
i wish there was mystic ones lol or i woulda went Jc instead of Bs

yeah, i guess they didn't want jc to be pvp mandatory because of stormy/mystic/vivid uber-cuts.
11/25/2012 05:55 PMPosted by Díscarnate
there are alot of ppl intrested in this bracket i personally know alot of 80s who moved up into it

yea i have a few that leveled and xfered here 20 85s

lol u like that
Ran a few on my 85 DK today was fun. Am considering leveling out this DK to the 85 bracket.
^ do it way bettter

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