Staff of the Hidden Master

I was flying around, doing my usual search for items for Lost and Found and I found Staff of the Hidden Master. I dropped down to loot it. I clicked it, but mid "cast" a nearby mob attacked me and interrupted it. I killed him and went back to loot the staff, but it was gone. Is this a known bug? I'm pretty frustrated about this because there are so many of these to gete that I shouldn't have to get any of them multiple times.

Also, for the record, I did wait 5 minutes to see if it would respawn and checked all the other spawn points. Got nada.
I don't know about how the charm works, but I had four items fail on me. The jade forest hammer, one of the spears in kun lai, the neckpiece in dread wastes, and the staff in dread wastes. I got each restored with a ticket (some of them took two however). Just make sure you tell them that there is an internal flagged quest, and because of that you will not be able to see the item any more (on that character).
What you need to put on your ticket:

- Day it happened and as exact time as possible
- your server / character it happened on
- A good explanation and what the item's name is

Have them check the "FLAGGED" quest for that item and they have to restore it. Otherwise keep putting in tickets. I had one item restored this way. In the future try to make sure there's no mobs to hit you and when you loot do not move at all.

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