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First and second thread reached post cap

UPDATE: It seems the bots are dying down by this point. Not sure if Blizzard has taken action or if bots have switched spots. still small trickle of bots out at HoL.

If you take a quick gander at the entrance to HoL on any realm you will see hundreds of bots, mostly 85 paladins, going into HoL. When I say hundreds I mean it. This has been going on for days now. How is it not been fixed nor the bots banned? They are botting 24/7 and its clear to everyone who happens to fly by there.

The general consensus is the same:
Level 85+
Scroll of Resurrection or MoP Vendor greens
Classes with heavy AoE
Armory shows hundreds of Loken kills
All using the same 3 paths
Trys to use Jeeves/hunter pets (all npcs really)
Many will try to immune with pally bubble or the like as to not be attacked.

Few pictures and videos:

It seems that when you report certain bots you get disconnected. Happened to me and others:

And this video here shows why they are doing it:

As anyone who checks out HoL can see this is a very big problem. Bots have always existed but CRZ has really visualized this problem.

Lets make Blizzard aware that this is unacceptable. These accounts need to be actioned on the spot. Markets are being overrun with the botted goods and the amount of instances that these botts are using surely take up valuable resources. Is this why realms have queue times? The sheer number of bots running 24/7 are impeding the game experience of many players.

Blizzard may ban in waves but this is a huge wave that needs to be banned right now!

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11/26/2012 10:49 PMPosted by Wasabisauce
Free bump because I'm a nice guy.

and I want a resolution.
11/26/2012 10:52 PMPosted by Wasabisauce
It's being resolved.

I'll believe it when I see it.
Oh god, not another one of... hmmm, this isn't a "Hug a gnome" thread is it? This is actually something that is pertinent to WoW?

A measure to implement; lower the gold drop in dungeons that are deemed "easily soloable."
i noticed that Pallies ignore Warlock pets and Pop bubble + wings and run in.
If you think HoL is bad, try typing: /who botanica
Without giving away what I think would be a greatastic idea, periodically type /who Halls of Lightning. You not seeing them go into the dungeon may result from them getting in through other means.
11/26/2012 10:44 PMPosted by Shangsung
they are working on TITAN, they dont care. do u really think that over the course of the next year people will cancel. by the time half of the people cancel theur accounts its still ok. they are making money. they dont care.

I doubt that is true, but if it was, and they really didn't care, im sure their shareholders would want to get off the boat very quickly if half the subs cancelled.
It seems as if the bots have been stopped on my CRZ. This is great news.
This doesn't deserve a 3rd thread. Blizzard are aware of this and are at this moment in the process of analyzing all the player submitted tickets.

Please, dear God, let this die already.

Keep trying man. No point posting here. Last thread you had false accusations and you had nothing to say. Same goes for here.

Quite playing devils advocate, nobody cares what you have to say.
Why HoL ?
This doesn't deserve a 3rd thread. Blizzard are aware of this and are at this moment in the process of analyzing all the player submitted tickets.

Please, dear God, let this die already.

I think its important to let Blizzard know even if there are hundreds of bots there are still honest players out there who have enough passion for the game to stand up and say , NO this is not how we want our game to devolve.

The Bots were outnumbering the posts in the 3 threads but reading through them it shows alot of us didnt just wait or trust its being looked at we got up and did what we could to make the botting harder, we killed the bots we shared techniques on how to confuse them and we even had people going in game searching for any new hot spots when the rush started to abate.

We still dont know if it did slow down because the bans came or the bots just moved.

This thread needs to stay so we can co-ordinate any further action if we find the bots are still active just somewhere else now.

Blizzard are silent about this matter if we are silent too then whats the rush to get a resolution? we have to let them know we feel strongly about the issue.

We did get a result the bots thinned out and maybe its because we made it so hard for them to actually get anywhere.

Untill Blizzard come out and let us know they are listening and are aware of the upturn in bots in the past few weeks and are working on a solution or banning those who are using the programs we must keep yelling and yelling loudly.
11/27/2012 01:25 AMPosted by Daridas
Why HoL ?

Gold, honor, glyph books, jc necklaces.... all within a really quick run.

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