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11/27/2012 07:26 AMPosted by Darkelite
Hoping that todays maintenance will include a major banwave.

im hoping to
Look, they are doing some big huge "investigation" where they say they are using manpower and everything trying to trace it back to the head culprits and then ban them all at once.

Its all a big waste of time, they know it, we know it, the ppl cheating know it, hell everyone knows it. The only deception going on is the fallacy of pretending they care.
11/27/2012 01:25 AMPosted by Daridas
Why HoL ?

It's the most efficient of the 80 dungeons to farm which is about the highest level content a SoR player can solo. Easy bosses, quite a lot of trash and it loops back around to the exit.

UP has the difficulty of the first boss, second boss and third boss are also "slow" for no loot/items.
Oculus is just plain slow and would be challenging to solo for a bot on a drake
CoS is probably reasonable but at the end you are stuck with no easily accesible way out

Same reason they farm BoT. Easiest of the 70 instances, loops back around and there are 5 bosses.

-Mech, decent trash but the 3rd boss is probably difficult for a bot to solo
-Arc finishes and you have to run all the way out
-SH same with running out
-SL same again
-BM crappy gold to time investment
-SV finishes far away from the exit plus you accumulate tons of worthless drops clam meat/fish oil/fish scales
If you think HoL is bad, try typing: /who botanica

Those names are so legit.

Reminds me of the bots in L2 that would farm mats, then kill themselves against the npc guards to de-level (since mat drop rates were based on being in at a certain level "sweet spot").

Hundreds of female dwarves named things like Dsdadqwdawdasd spawning and then running with weapons out against the guards, until they deleveled. Then sent back into the fields to bot-farm until they dinged.

It was and is a depressing state of affairs for mmo's. I hope that Blizzard can and will do something, soon, to end this.
hey ecko, good job man, i sat in front of hol and reported like 30 bots and the flagged ally defending them....if it actually stops ill be shocked though lol
I know about HOL, but botanica?

why would they even go botanica?
Oh god, not another one of... hmmm, this isn't a "Hug a gnome" thread is it? This is actually something that is pertinent to WoW?

A measure to implement; lower the gold drop in dungeons that are deemed "easily soloable."

NO! they already ruined my old raid farming each week.
So, what can you do on a PVE server other than report them? Anything?
I have an idea that I think might solve this problem for good:
Blizzard should make some kind of challenge-response test for instances, raids, etc. such as a captcha test that would require a quick verification of the user's identity as a human (not a bot) before they are allowed to enter the specific area. This would only be a minor nuisance for real players (we have to wait for the loading screen anyway, right?) but should prove to be impossible for programs or macros to overcome, thus putting a stop to this type of botting once and for all. Hopefully, this would also reduce the number of hacked accounts as the culprits would no longer have any reason to operate with so many characters.
I'll be sending this to Blizz in a recommendation, and i encourage anyone who agrees with this idea to do the same
Keep reporting any bots you see in the world.

Blizzard are banning.

looks like they did a ban wave yesterday

One of the popular botting forums has a ban section that is full of ban reports from yesterday.

Quote from forum:
"They just got half my accounts today and im sure they are going to get the rest 7 days from now. I noticed alot of people got banned the same time on nov1 and today nov26. My accounts had literally just finished leveling professions I didnt even get a chance to make gold, I had less then 5k on any toon. I have lasted for months before but now they wipe me out once a month."

My faith is renewed and I will keep reporting
I flew out to hol and there were skeletons piled all over the steps. A group of horde were there killing alliance bots and a group of alliance were killing horde bots. Works well as long as they don't start killing each other.
I went there, there's a handful. They all seem to be paladins
bump for justice
They get it, theres no way they missed 2 threads that made it to popular topics. I'm sure a Blizzard employee has seen one of these. We don't need another.
11/27/2012 12:46 AMPosted by Eckõ
It seems as if the bots have been stopped on my CRZ. This is great news.

Same here. I went up there again the other night for free honor after the patch, and it was eerily empty.
It is against Blizzard policy to give out details of bans and actions they take on other people's accounts or even the steps they take to track own exploiters. It is highly unlikely you will get a blue response.
Oh god, not another one of... hmmm, this isn't a "Hug a gnome" thread is it? This is actually something that is pertinent to WoW?

A measure to implement; lower the gold drop in dungeons that are deemed "easily soloable."

Actually, they changed the gold drops in dungeons so it drops less if there are fewer people, meaning they already nerfed the heck out of the gold drops.

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