Stream of Bots in HoL -Unacceptable- (3)

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On the plus side, I atleast know where to attempt to find books of glyph mastery for my scribe. They didn't really do anything with the Botanica farmers as far as I can tell so I wonder if they will do anything with these....
If Blingatron gives you a call and says "wazzzaaaaaauuuuuppp?"
then yes you will be assumed to be a bot.

If you join the party, and start running into the wall, and keep running into the wall,
then yes you will be assumed to be a bot.

If people kill you, and then try and engineer loot your body,
then yes you will be assumed to be a bot.
Heading to HoL now to see if there are any bots outside :3

I'm curious....though I doubt I'll see anything since this thread was started a few days ago and it sounds like Blizzard may have done some banning.
So, now, If you go solo HoL a few times for xtra gold, you're going to now be assumed to be a bot? wow.

I know you probably won't come back to this thread and see this response....but in case you do....I'd like to point out how utterly ridiculous you sound. No one has said what they saw was a single player going into HoL repeatedly for extra gold. These people have specifically said they looked up statistics, that they stood there and watched the activity, that they have studied and paid attention to the action.

On top of all of that...if a player reports you for being a bot when you're not a bot....Blizzard WON'T BAN YOU. Amazing concept, I know....but Blizzard launches what is called an 'investigation' on accounts reported for cheating. Bot behavior is different than that of human behavior.

It's being resolved.

A guild member was flying by today and found more bots at this location. It's like nothing has changed since this was first noticed, a couple of months ago.

A steady stream of bots entering / exiting. Paladins bubble upon exiting and immediately re-enter. When they do mound up, they fly in a robotic manner to the camp nearby to vendor goods.

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