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It's okay, we understand that after a couple of hits you break open like a piñata at a suger-crazyed 8 year old's birthday party. As long as you are able to melt monsters faces when not being broken open, we should be good. If you join Incendiary Legion we'll try to keep you from becoming some brat's next treat.

Incendiary Legion (http://www.incendiarylegion.com/about-us) currently has an open Mage position in our Weekday Group, "Legion". We expect a lot out of our DPS, through great damage, consistency, and utility. We have been known to find the hidden gems, players that have great skill but not much current history to back it up, so don't be afraid to apply.

As a Mage in Incendiary Legion you can expect to:
  • Be able to shine as a high damage dealer among other talented ranking DPS
  • Spread out, stack up, dance, and any other crazy thing Blizzard makes us do to appease them
  • Not stand in fire
  • ???
  • Profit!

If you believe you are the right fit for this position, apply now (http://www.incendiarylegion.com/recruitment).

About Us
Incendiary Legion is a semi-hardcore raiding guild made up of like-minded adults. We are made up of skilled players that research and know their class/role, research and discuss raid strategy, and push themselves and their teammates to the best of their abilities. We are not afraid of wiping, and as long as we are making progress, of any sort, we will be having fun while doing so. And when we finally kill a boss, we won’t argue about the loot. Loot is simply a secondary reward to the primary reward of progressing (which also helps us progress more). Most of our players have professional jobs and/or families to care for, so we like to make our raiding time count.

Our guild vision:
  • Efficient – Not making people wait on you because you wanted to see how long you could survive in the lava, shadow goo, green slime etc. Knowing the fights to the best of your ability before an attempt to prevent overlong explanations.
  • Focused – Not relying on someone to call out every single thing.
  • Professional – Being able to step out of a raid gracefully if asked to. Not being a sore loser when you don’t get the loot you want. Not rage quitting when we don’t faceroll a boss.
  • Mature – You don’t have to be gentlemanly or ladylike but please have some respect for people. I’m sure most of us have heard our fair share of fart jokes so I think we can put those aside now… however, “that’s what she said” jokes are totally fine… but only if it’s hilarious.
  • Skilled – Staying up to date (researching) on main class/spec/role, able to adapt to new ideas quickly, learns to counter mechanics in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Humorous – One can be funny while being all of the above. This is a game after all, have some fun with it. But it is important to know that not everyone shares the same definition of “fun”.

Raid Details
Mogu'shan Vaults 3/6 H 10-man
Heart of Fear 6/6 10-man
Terrace of Endless Springs 4/4 10-man

Raid times (server time EST):
  • Tuesday – 7:30pm-11:30pm
  • Thursday – 7:30pm-11:30pm

Loot council

Full details can be found on our website (About Us and Recruitment pages): http://www.incendiarylegion.com/

Contact Us
If you have any questions you may contact Hollyriku (BattleTag: Ajarn#1957) or Sixtywatt via PM on the Guild forums or in game.
Got Empress and Elite Protectors down today, doing a little more progression this weekend.
Still looking. Running Tue/Wed this week. Getting Sha of Fear down and probably working on H. Gara'jal.
Cleared farm (2 H. MV, 3/4 TES, all of HoF) last night with 29 new ranks (29 DPS numbers where in the top 200 for their spec, beating out old numbers if they had previously ranked). Killing Sha and H. Gara'jal today (first kills).
I'm a panda of my word, we got Sha of Fear down and H. Gara'jal, both first kills :)
Hoping to get H. Spirit Kings and H. Elegon down this week.

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