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Soloed everything up to The Illidari Council as WW. The Illidari Council was close a cpl times but the lady was being a pain for me. RoS was actually not bad but touch of death helps. IC is doable I think just got bored, long run.
12/04/2012 08:34 AMPosted by Zcreed
LIES...No vides or guides ever of lock soloing RoS.

Only one I have ever seen is the LOS technique which is bullcrap again.

You just said there are no videos of a warlock soloing RoS, but then said you have personally seen a video of one doing it... Just stop embarassing yourself. +1 to Postonforums for making him look like an idiot.

Also, I never solod BT at 85 (had no pay off for putting in a decent bit of work) but i have been doing it every week since i got 90 for glaives, on my lock. Locks have been able to solo this for a long time, just because YOU cant do it doesnt mean its impossible.

And since the recent hotfix, ANY class can solo it.

Hello. Recent Blue Post:

We believe there was a lot of confusion when we originally announced this change and we're certainly at fault for said confusion. The original patch note was very vague to the point of being misleading. It was never our intent to weaken old raid boss encounters to allow anyone to have a chance to solo them, regardless of class, spec, or skill.

What we did change were encounters that were mechanically impossible for one person to accomplish, solely for the purpose of ensuring players have easier access to the hunt for the new rare companion pets -- the drop rates of which are actually set to account for a group of three players, not one.

Moving forward, though, we do not plan to adjust encounters for tougher raid bosses to be solo’able by all classes and specs.

Hmm so shold I take your word or the BLUE POST about they don't plan to adust raid bosses to be solo'able by all classes and specs?

I also see you can't read in which I never stated I saw a warlock use LOS technique in video. It was well... a DK of course. So embarassing to you and a +1 to me for making you look like an idiot.

As for the videos of the warlock they were actually all patch 5.05. While I'm splitting hairs here since the lock was 85 I still go by the fact that after 5.0 patch landed I really did not care or watch videos pertaining to RoS and how to solo. Also the lock had buffs such as kings and using a classic DBM for when to interrupt.

Which brings me back to my original thougth of people coming on this post calling people nubs when they have a class with a certain mechanic or ablity that can counter boss while some classes do not have a way of defeating that boss. That's all I said and was my point. Just like if I came on here and called everyone fails because say maybe my portal helps defeat one certain boss.
I went to solo BT yesterday and noticed RoS casts spirit shock less frequently, but I'm now actually having way more trouble beating it than before due to that debuff that reflects damage. I don't recall it ever being a problem before.

He only casts like two spirit shocks during the entirety of phase two since it dies so fast, sometimes three, but I keep killing myself in the process. Even with recuperate up I keep gibbing myself. I guess when I get home today I'll try changing one of my major glyph to the one that lets CLoS prevent 40% of all damage and see if that helps.
Solo'd just now as a warrior. Do whatever you want until your second wind pops then all damage needs to come to a halt. SW will keep you up through everything if you drop your damage to a snails pace to minimize reflection damage.
This thread was made before blizzard added the 15s recast time to spirit shock, meaning it's outdated. You just posted and a dead thread.

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