Change to combution - HUGE NERF

Just tested in LFR. It's a huge nerf. Also, Blizzard took off the fun of getting big ignite.

A similarly geared frost mage did a lot better then me.
Huge buff actually. Don't tell Blizzard I am sure it will get hotfixed. Shhhhh.
I was getting like 30-40k min on all of my combusts without a working mybigignite/combustionhelper easy. Its def. a buff
What he said. ^

I had a 70k combust at one point, I almost felt guilty.
Shh.. why is everyone telling the world how awesome fire is now? inb4nerf in 24 hours.
Nothing to see here, move along. Mages are fine.....
I have done some LFR, averaged 40-50k combust withouth hardly trying. How is that a nerf? Come on, now its really interesting to cast combust.
Pre-Patch a 18-20k combust was 'average' for me, outside of trinkets/warp/etc. Not it feels low.

Pulling anywhere from 30k-50k with a string of hotstreak crits.

This is almost getting silly.
92k on Garalon last week. 120k this week. I was kiting both times.
Pretty much anyone who feels this is a nerf is either:

A) Not using a DoT strength tracker
B) Using a DoT strength tracker without any idea how to use it

There's near-zero skill involved to be able to buff your damage significantly.
HUUUUGE buff, I was slamming Elegon for 180k combustion crits. That was my average. When you learn to combust with more then a 20k ignite on a target you'll learn that its OP. Usually i won't combust unless i have more then 45k+ ignite on target, that's a ridiculous amount of damage.
This actually worries me. I've been greatly enjoying me fire mage. I don't want any nerfs. Blizzard has a bad habit of swing the nerf bat too hard then leaving a spec in a bad way for long periods of time.
it won't be nerfed, bad players still wont be doing insane damage with this such as the op.
Is it time for me to switch my raid spec from frost to fire? (ilvl 476)
Mages are just as OP as they have been for a long time
11/29/2012 07:05 AMPosted by Exosphere
it won't be nerfed, bad players still wont be doing insane damage with this such as the op.


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