Want to raid Mornings? 4/6H MsV 2/6H Hof

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Why Tempt Fate) Want's you!!!!!.

Morning Raid Times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30 - 11:30 CST/Server Time Sometimes Noon if we have a boss kill imminent.

•Recruitment is open for anyone with good raid awareness, attendance, execution, and interrupts

MoP 25man progress 4/6Heroic vaults 2/6Heroic HoF 4/4Ter

We are in need of any good DpS and any good Healers full on Tanks

•Be good enough to earn your spot

We are looking for Raiders with Excellent Attendance. If you want to apply: Have ilvl 485+, be able to stay all 3 hours of the raid, have a good connection, have a good computer, be able to post in forums/tell an officer if you will be absent

Please apply at:http://whytemptfate.com

We are always looking to pick up skilled raiders, if your class isn't listed feel free to apply.

What we're looking for in a raider:
Raiding the high end of content requires a certain amount of personal work to ensure you are contributing to and not holding back the raid team. We expect each raider to show that initiative. This includes being prepared for raiding by having:

Max Level Professions
Properly gemmed and enchanted gear
All consumables needed for the raid
Knowledge of the fight mechanics and basic strategy

Aside from being a raider, we are also looking for people who are mature and able to communicate effectively. We care about the reputation of our guild and want others who will too.

Officers in game are: ScoreBoard, garwin, Box, Sinextro, Professorq
Still Looking
wtb more
Need Good Players
need good halers
Need Good Players
Need Good Players
Need Good Players
Need Good Players
Need Good Healers
Which class do u need?
Pretty full on priest healers. need good healers of anything else
Need Good Players
Need Good Players
Need Ranged DPS
Would you take 2 dps?? Windwalker monk and an Affliction Warlock?? add Aurora#6677 for a chat if you would consider it. Monk is 2/6H 16/16N exped, Warlock is 2/6H 12/16N exped. Would love to hear from you
i should have someone sending you a tell in a day or so
Op needs to be updated.

1/6 Heroic MsV
5/6 HoF
2/4 ToE with Elite Protectors.
Need Hpally
Need Good Players. all slots open

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