the horror of demonic gateway

yes, it was awful, everyone else having to run from mailbox to auctioneer while we just stepped thru. all the demonic gateways clogging up the cities too. and what would the aliens think, peering down at cities with evil looking gateways everywhere, TAKE US TO YOUR LEADER - WE DO NOT COME IN PEACE.
and soon after Santa sold his reindeer to the glue factory, and only needed a warlock to bring x-mas glee.
the first rule of demonic gateway is... you do not use demonic gateway.
Never even bothered to have it on my spell bar.

The only time this PoS gets used is during break time in our raid when when put them up "just for laffs".

I have no idea what they were thinking about when the dreamed it up but unless it was "How can we not give Warlocks anything whilst appearing to give them something?" then they completely failed.

I would love to know the amount of time that useless pieces of crap like this take to insert into a game. I would then like to understand why no one, at any point in the whole dev cycle, managed to wake up enough to say "Hey, just WFT does this thing do and why are we wasting time on it?"
even if not used much, it is still fun to have, similar to hunters eyes of the beast spell (removed). though the 5 sec cast time plus time for orbs to appear make it too limited to be of much help for combat . also i remember seeing screenshots of it before it came out, where the 2 gateways were spanned by some lava. in-game however, even slight variations in height difference will bring up an error message not allowing you to cast it AFTER spending 5 sec trying. at least the purple and green orbs look good.
I use it on the first boss in HoF to help the raid move quickly between left and right platform. I works great if you set it up right.

It's ok to be scared of new magical things.
It's actually really useful on Elegon, Vizier, and Sha. Problem being that Vizier used to sometimes put his force/verve shields on it in the middle of the poison, and instead of despawning on Sha now it just becomes unusable. If it didn't break on Sha it would be reallllly useful though.
using it on vizier has its drawbacks.

using gateway really messes up threat somehow, so if the tank uses it, getting aggro for the first few seconds isn't really possible, I've taunted, spammed abilities, nothing works.

so while your dps are sitting there waiting for the tank to walk over, it's entirely possible that someone will die, had that happen a week or two ago.
11/29/2012 11:48 AMPosted by Salloreon
using gateway really messes up threat somehow, so if the tank uses it
Gateway drops aggro and you can't get aggro for some amount of time. Tanks should NEVER USE GATEWAY. You have to wait for your tanks so unless you have a warrior to leap or a bear who can go cat and run over it's not useful. The only fight where it's INCREDIBLY useful is Sha, the other two are just decent. Everything else sucks (although Elite Protectors it could come in handy on the last phase).
It's good on Blade Lord too, stick it in the corridor before the fight, less tornado dodging.

For best results stick the end of it near where blade lord flies to, so you don't portal into a tornado.
11/29/2012 11:58 AMPosted by Hoimen
For best results stick the end of it near where blade lord flies to, so you don't portal into a tornado
Never tried it but I'm assuming you'd have to put the portal in the side stream since traveling through the portal doesn't make you immune to things you travel through, meaning if you shot through the portal and hit a tornado on the way you'd still get sucked back. I don't think it'd save much time though. If all your DPS and healer and 1 tank run through the stream at 12% you can make it to the other side before he reverses the tornados. Just pop lock stones or personal heals on the way but you get there incredibly fast.
Not sure how useful it is on Empress. Are you using it for kiting in add phases? That's really the only time you ever need to move. Sha is awesome to get the entire group over behind the adds and back for breaths, assuming that it wasn't broken and didn't stop working after the first transition. I haven't tried the glyph for gateway yet either but I'm assuming it would act like a blink like demonic portal is in which case you wouldn't die to anything in your way between the portals.
It has its uses and I would hate to see them do anything else to it.

I love Demonic Gateway. Gimmick spells are the best spells.
the way to a warlocks heart is thru its gateway.

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