Ret/Prot PvP Really Got the Blind Eye in 5.1

For some reason, people in this game still have the "just mindlessly train the ret til he's dead" attitude and I'm not sure why. I think it's probably because it still works. So I must admit, I was sort of expecting something for ret defensive-wise, especially with the DPS PvP healing change.

Also, I think that it may have been forgotten that Paladins have this spec called protection that could theoretically be used to carry flags in RBGs if it weren't the least mobile and caster-squishiest of the three specs. Just a thought.
Why is Prot a main?? Really? Are you trolling?
Nopz, Blizz balance only Holy for PVP. They lie to us that the game is to be balanced for all specs - they just keep denying, using obviously ilogical arguments, giving close to useless changes, ignoring all the analisys, facts and feedback from the comunity.

Blizz logic:

Blizz: It's OK.
Comunity: It's not OK + lots of facts/arguments
Blizz: No, it's OK, there's nothing we can do about it, there's a lot of people complaining but we can't do anything without some deep analysis
Comunity: Heres a LOT OF DEEP ANALYSIS, ARGUMENTS, FACTS, IDEAS, SOLUTIONS, PROFFS that things have to change and in which way and ahy.
Blizz: Ignore, leave as it is or makes changes that do not solve the problem. And gives full atention to whatever they were giving before.
Comunity: Keep being Blizz clowns, rage quit or reroll.
I do think it's kind of funny that a well played blood dk is immortal, even after the nerf to death strike.

I've come to accept that only 1/3 paladin specs are pvp viable..... but something has to be done about blood dks. There's no reason a tank spec should be able to put out that kind of damage and have that much survivability.
01/18/2013 07:11 AMPosted by Invincible
but something has to be done about blood dks.

You mean like kiting?
What!?! Dks are squishy! Thats why their blood worms are going to heal for triple come 5.2

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