Holy Honor Hold Last night

Bleeding Hollow
I have never seen sooooo many skeletons, the only good thing was that i was able to do the daily for the Honor Hold marks with only one gank by a 90, probably on his way to the fight.

Thanks to the 90 Undead that landed next to me on the fireplace as i was chilling and not blowing me into oblivion. Talk about a wakeup call, i was just fiddling, trying to figure out the new addon i installed (elvui) and all of a sudden there is red next to me, i literally did a double take, and wondered why i was still alive. I did wave and bow, then promptly exited stage left.

Came back after a series of Dungeons about midnight, and was killed about 10 times while just trying to read my freaking mail, lol

Went and hid like a little girl while i sorted my bags.

Some day i will be one of the big girls....someday.
And then she was never heard from again...
Stormwind SVU was called to the scene promptly to identify the body.
I was surprised to see that action on a Tuesday night, is that normal?

I figured it would be more of a Friday/Saturday thing??

The Body was easy, 7'2" Pale skinned female Draenei with plate armour soaked in blood.

I cant wait to get into melee's like that.

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