RaF - You recruit me - I buy keys!

- Illidan (Horde)
- Open schedule
- Willingness to level at least two 80's within a fairly small time frame (couple weeks at most)
- Set mind (don't decide to drop your character half way through leveling because "it sucks")

Bonuses (that will set you apart from other interested people):
- Gold for professions
- An entertaining guild to invite me to while we level (for the experience perk)
- Super awkward personality (for my own amusement)
- Skill (because I like to waste my time efficiently)
- Willingness to tank for dungeon grinding
- Large arsenal of Cancer jokes or Gilbert Gottfried impersonations

What I provide:
- My own keys
- Skilled play (2300 exp in PvP, top 100 US kills in TBC, early WotLK, and Cata raid content)
- Healing Que's (will be leveling a Priest and a Paladin as disc/holy for dungeon grinding)
- Blood Legion fan-boy attitude... what?
add me to btag Flaaffy#1779
Im looking for a raf partner and I want to level tanks. I'll pay for all the levelling expenses and have a lvl 25 guild. I've been playing since TBC.
I would very interested in leveling with you. I have never done RaF, but I am on every night for usually 3-4 hours and I want to level a prot warrior. Sounds like a perfect match!

Edit: I realize this toon isn't on Illidan, but I want to lvl with you here on Illidan
Online now: mnelson91#1231
I can't get online till around 7pm est. Are you interested?
Considering all offers, whoever contacts me in-game ready to go with a convincing offer wins it
I can be on in about an hour and a half. I have heroic raiding tanking exp, so there will be no problems in dungeon. what else do you want offered?
Plz accept the friend request from bojangles or lryan9292@gmail.com, whatever shows up. I might have sent 2.
Hello i'm willing to pay for all things you will need from 1-80 and at the point of 80 i will give you 1500g per level 80 we reach cap on also will be willing to give you 500g per 40 levels of the level ups from "give a level"

if your interested add me

I'll raf with you. I've done it plenty of times before, and it wont take us a "couple weeks" to get two or more 80s. Hit me up
Still need a RaF buddy?
I WANT TO DO SO BAD PLZZZZZZ srry for caps i just really want to do this

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