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Hey folks,

I'm looking for some advice from people in the know. I recently came back to wow with my wife who plays a priest. I currently have this character and an 85 warrior, but can't decide which class I should focus on. I really like both but are different than I remember since the MoP changes. I like to tank and dps, we used to mainly pvp back before we left, but want to get into both pve as a healer/tank combo. Any thoughts, suggestions, tips, insight is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

We have a Druid tank in one of our core teams who does pretty good but, right now, Warrior is going to dominate as tank. As for dps, Druids aren't really that high on the charts. They aren't bad as in like don't take them, they just aren't as high as Warriors. Hell, our Warrior tank pulls some serious dps when his vengeance procs.

Now, if you pvp, the playing field evens out a lot better. Just be warned, nothing is balanced and everything is a HUGE crying festival right now.
Thank you Mspsychokill. Anyone else want to chime in?

I would say warriors and druids are just about the same as far as benefits to a raid are concerned, with druids taking a slight lead.

You can't go wrong choosing either class really.

My biggest suggestion about your situation is for your priest: Invest time in learning and being good at shadow. Shadow priests are exceptionally strong, and healers with DPS offsets are sought after by EVERY raid out there simply because that spot is the hardest to fill.
Thank you Theodorr,

We figured a tank/priest combo would be sought after or least hope for, but we also like to pvp. I use to pvp with the druid alot back in wrath but playing a druid is different than I'm used to and I hated having to have two sets of gear, but maybe i'm wrong and all classes need that now.

Thanks again.

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