To Dual 2 Daggers or not to Dual 2 Daggers...

I have a question. I'm a Subtlety Rogue and need to know if me dual wielding two daggers would amplify the Ambush ability.
The description says "Ambush the target, causing 325% weapon damage plus 2,025 to the target.(470% plus 2,930 if a dagger is equipped) Must be stealthed and behind the target. Awards 2 combo points."
It does not say 1 dagger only.

So would having two daggers amplify this or not?

Also, should I be dual wielding daggers or keep a sword,mace, or axe in team up with the dagger?
Definitely not. It would be way OP if both daggers counted for that bonus.

Also personally i'd go with 2 daggers because you're going to get more poison procs. And the little bit of extra white dmg is so not worth it.
Ambush is only affected by the main hand.

You need to be dual wielding daggers for the poison procs. Combat is the only spec that can get away with using a slower weapon in the offhand though the difference is very small.
Backstab also requires daggers.

edit: only on main hand
11/29/2012 05:36 AMPosted by Volnir
And the little bit of extra white dmg is so not worth it.
There is no "extra" white damage. Look at two weapons of the same item level. Regardless of speed the weapon DPS is going to be identical or off by on average no more than 0.1.

hitting less frequently for more = hitting more frequently for less

All you do by wielding a non-dagger off-hand is lose poison damage. Wielding a non-dagger main hand means no Backstab, and you lose the bonus damage to your Ambush. Even though non-daggers have a larger coefficient, Ambush double dips the dagger bonus putting it ahead.
You're better off not using daggers. For PvE, blizzard failed horribly on giving us dagger options, (only one agility dagger from the two LFR's) which has a ridiculously low drop chance. Use fist weapons, as they seem to have a higher drop chance than any other weapon because blizzard decided to increase drop chance of anything monks wear (this goes for heroics as well).
You're better off not listening to the idiot above. While leveling it's kind of pointless, nothing lasts long enough to care. At 90, only Combat uses non-daggers. Assassination and Subtlety use daggers.
If you're Sub you want Daggers... If you like Combat, get the swords.
Thx peoples. You helped me on other questions I didn't ask too ^_^
best to go to the Rogues for Rogue questions.
Extra questions. I'm a Sub rogue and ask's.
What should I open with to stop a damn priest in his tracks? I need 7-10 seconds of complete dominance?
I need a Addon that tells me when spells like Power Word will wareoff so I can get in on him before he spam casts it again. Anyone have an addon for such a thing?
why don't you just look at his frame which displays that stuff
Sap > look at his buffs and wait for it to fall off
Question as well... a few weeks ago I was in Silithus looking for
some elemental earths when I came across a level 71 tauren bot. Being combat, with two Klaxxi masterwork swords, anyone want to tell me why ambush hit the bot for 8100 dmg?

My horrible gear/performance aside. By tooltip, there should have been a larger number. I haven't tested ambush numbers since farming the elementals and the bot, but I saw the same crappy numbers for the hour or so I was out there.

Any ideas or is this just another "working as intended" issue?

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