So just do what spec you like right?(pve)

I like frost. I like the rotation. I find it very fun.

But I don't want to gimp myself.

Am I gimping myself by staying with frost?
Depending on how high your gear level is, and assuming your highest priority is raid dps, then probably.
In wrath i was fire. In cata i was arcane. Now i'm frost.

Good times :P

But honestly, i REALLY like what they did to frost this expansion. Frozen orb is the best spell ever. Ice lance on FoF procs cleaving (with glyph) is fun. Instant frostfires, fireblast spreading aoe, etc. etc.

Frost just feels so much more complex and interesting now.

Granted i've only just started my mage. Just got her to 90 a few days ago and have been gearing up via boe's and heroics. I've watched my dps go from the 20k level up to fairly consistant 40-50k on bosses and 50k+ aoe in 5 mans as my gear and familiarity have increased, and i still have a long way to go.

Now eyeballing LFR (once i get a little more hit) and still enjoying myself.

So yea, i'm not going to be pushing progression on this alt anytime soon, but i definitely feel competitive in the lower pve levels (/pauses for chuckles) as frost. And its fun enough i'm sticking with it :)

edit: unfortunately, its a pretty classic thing that mages will start to gravitate toward any spec that gives them maximum theoretical dps in a high-end progression raid fight. And for that reason 90% of the raiders right now are fire. Not to say frost or arcane are bad or anything (and frost is honestly in the best place it has been for years in pve) but if you are pushing that extra % of dps and are on one of your progression teams you'll probably get forced into fire :(

That said, i'm still a firm believer (when the numbers are close) that someone having fun with (and being good at) one spec will put out better numbers than if they would switch to the "best" spec and not like it (and thus never have motivation to get really good at it). So if you have something you love here, and can play it well, go with it :)
Destro and Demo.


Yeah, I am doing about 34k right now. I just hit 90 last night. And haven't done a dungeon at 90.

So my gear level was only like ii420 or so. Ran a few scenarios, bought some 458 gear, and had a couple epics from sha. But still only like 433 when I looked before I went to bed.

I have seen a lot of dps in heroics not even pull 25k dps.

I am pretty sure I will be 40k dps by the time I get 450 ilvl or pretty close to that.

ANyway, yes I really like frost. I did like the old Arcane. I couldn't get used to fire.

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