[BUG] Disha Fearwarden

Bug Report
The terrain you guys created make it impossible to have a clear pet path. This means that disha will sometimes decide to evade because he cannot target my pet for some reason. There is also the other choice of my pet not and my dire beast unable to follow my command to attack the rare spawn. This is very frustrating and it can probably be hotfixed by moving the spawn point.

please fix it :'(
Yeah got the same problem

First time i went for her i managed to kill her but my 4 following attempt were unsuccessful because of evading bug

A bit frustrating a lot of people are seeking that blood soaked invitation but 1 of the mob that can make this possible is bugged
She is still bugged the maintenance didn't work for her

My minion will not attack her and she wont move out of the tent for any reasons
now i lost 9 Honorable Commendation of the Dominance Offensive from my bag

open a ticket about it it says 3 days waiting time

i miss the old days where it took 15 minutes at the most to have your issue looked into honestly
It's a massive pain she needs to be fixed, it is possible to work around it with moving your pet right infront of her you've gotta get it as close to her as possible but to close and pet won't move, to far and pet will aggro but not attack her and you have to interupt chains of faith or she'll probably evade out.
I'm getting the same problem. My minion wont attack her and she won't move. This is lame. I really can't believe this has not been fixed yet. Come on Blizz, pull the thumbs out and fix this.
95g in repairs because of bad pathing on top of adds with constant evading upon interrupt.

Fix spawn please.
Why is this STILL NOT FIXED? Submitted a ticket and will continue to do so on a daily basis!
01/16/2013 11:10 AMPosted by Miscue
Why is this STILL NOT FIXED? Submitted a ticket and will continue to do so on a daily basis!

Customer Service doesn't fix bugs, so constantly submitting tickets won't get it fixed any faster.
I submitted ticket as well. They will get to it when they get to it...
Still bugged after 5.2. It's not just pet classes. My melee characters, who always stay right next to her, are having her evade & reset as well.
Still bugged. Pets can't get to her and she won't come out of her tent for any discernible reason. She can be knocked out by shaman or druid knockback, but she can't silenced into coming out and pets have to be placed directly in front of her to get them to even hit her (no charges for hunter pets).

Frustration, thy name is Disha.

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