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(last updated 04-03-13)

I am the raid leader of Tiras. We are an Alliance raiding guild that has been clearing progression content since Vanilla. We consistently placed top 3 on our old server (Silvermoon) but have changed to Stormrage for better recruitment prospects and larger raiding population. Our current focus is 10-man light heroic progression. "Light" meaning we down bosses quickly and efficiently, but have a smaller raid schedule of 2.5 hours 3 nights a week. Our current schedule is progression raids from 8:30-11:00 PM EST Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and "fun runs" for Alts/Offspec/Achievements on Mondays.

Our raid team consists of experienced players in their late 20's and early 30's who have been together since BC/WotLK. We are looking to pick up likewise experienced, prepared raiders interested in joining our team. Currently recruiting for:

1 healer with DPS offspec, 1 melee, and 1-2 ranged DPS around 500 iLvl that can output at least 100k DPS while maintaining raid awareness.

Specifically interested in:
Death Knight - Frost
Druid - Feral or Restoration
Monk - Windwalker or Mistweaver
Rogue - Assasination
Shaman - Elemental or Enhancement
Warlock - Affliction or Destruction

These are immediate openings for a spot on the active raid roster. We do not recruit for backup positions.

Guild supplements food, flasks, repairs, enchants, gems, etc. for raiding. Use Ventrilo for voice chat and DBM for raid warnings. Standard practices for any sufficiently organized raiding guild that any long-time regular raider would be familiar with.

For more information or to put in an application please visit our site:


or connect with one of our recruitment people via RealID:
Laif (me) - Laif #1313
Dispion - Doobies #1271

Don't worry, the app takes maybe 5-10 minutes and is mostly to weed out idiots.
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We are once again looking to recruit a Mistweaver monk.
is that a bench spot?
No, we do not recruit for bench seats. We maintain a roster of about 13 active raiders and 1 or 2 light raiders so that we are not SoL if an RL issue crops up for 1 or 2 people on any given night. Light raiders are long-time members who have consistently raided with us in the past but are not currently able to maintain an active raiding schedule. They help out on an as-needed basis when available, but we do not recruit for that position.

We rotate raiders in & out equally based on gearing needs, buff/debuff coverage & fight composition requirements. Really the only person that doesn't regularly sit is the raid leader which is mostly out of necessity.

First Post updated with our new recruitment needs. Still looking for a Mistweaver & now a DK or Warrior tank.
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Still looking for a Mistweaver & DK or Warrior tank. These are immediate raider openings and not backup/bench spots.
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Still looking for that all-important tanking position.
Oh wow, I've had the schedule wrong this whole time, we raid on regular server time, EST not PST. Shiiiiiiii...
A seriously super cool group of people. I joined during SSC and have never left, so if you're looking for stability while having fun raiding this is about as good as you'll get.

See you soon!
Bump for tanks.
Hello I'm a 479 blood death knight with 4/6 MSV and 4/6 HOF experience.

I've played Heroic Progression as a hunter during cataclysm and was working on H Spine when MoP was launched. Before that I was in another Heroic Progression guild as a Death Knight Tank in ICC and was doing H Putricide near the launch of cataclysm. I'm very interested in your guild because of the time slots and steady progression in this current tier.

I have a somewhat decent 467 dps set if I'm asked to dps a fight like spirit kings.

I'm very excited to be reading this thread and the kind of fit I would have in the guild. However this would require a transfer and I would need a definite yes in order to commit.

I'll make an application but wanted to make first contact on this thread.
Convicted, could you connect with me on Real ID please?


Also, still interested in a Mistweaver.
Bump for significant progress jump.

Still looking for Mistweaver monk.
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Still looking for a Mistweaver
Specific Needs Mistweaver (healer) Check out the site for info. Good group of people with tons of experience.
Bump to update recruiting needs. Now we are looking for 2 healers, not just a Mistweaver.
As of Now, you can Contact me in game as well; either Via Mail or directly. My real ID is: Doobies #1271.

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