[A] 10M 4/12N Tiras - LF DPS & Healer

We've been getting several apps in, so if this sounds appealing to you, apply now!
my bumps, my bumps, my lovely lady bumps.
bumpity bump bump bump, bumpity bump bump bump, bumpi-i-i-i-i-i-ty, ditty bump bump bump!
So I drove through the south, and ran into some bumpkins who liked this thread... get it??
Bumper ship down?

I added you to my friends list, I am interested, the times work well for me.
Need a 493 resto shammy? or 488 disc priest?
Bump for new recruitment needs. Looking for good DPS!
Bump for progression update. Council down!
Bump for still recruiting DPS.
DPS like you mean it. Still recruitin'
Bumpers aren't just for pinball. Still recruiting DPS!
Updated recruiting needs, added Rogue and Feral druid.
Bump for adding healer with DPS offspec to the recruiting needs.
Bumping for Tortos kill!
Bump, New information on who/what we're recruiting in the OP. Also, Tortos down (even though I just HAD to be on vacation)
Lots of opportunities right now with us, we need you!
ilvl 498 rogue very great raiding experience, up to date on all strats for reg ToT, read many for heroics, LF new realm and guild to call home. Sent a real ID request to Doobie#1271
Thanks for the add, I look forward to chatting w/ you and answering any questions you may have.

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