Best choices, and other unrelated nonsense

I want to get into LFR fast, and I'm down to the wire (456 ilvl), but I'm not sure what what I should go to get the most ilvls the fastest, I'm working on a trinket (On a side note, I hate OS rollers, stealing my last needed trinket :c), but other than that, does anyone know the eaiest of my 450, or below, ilvl items would be easiest to replace?

On another side note, completely unrelated to this topic... mages need more good transmogs :c We have tirisfal, t11, and MAYBE what I'm using (others you think are good, not including the challenge mode one)... Personally I like it cause I got this staff cheap and it went well :)
Mage Transmog is pretty abysmal.

Did they really have to take out the Glacial set? Bleh.
You can get atlas loot and find out what dungeons have items you need and then specific que for them if you're valor cappped.
Boots - Kill Sha of Anger and loot his claw, it will give you a quest for ilvl 476 boots.
Trinket - Ghost Iron Dragonling Have an Engineer make it for
Weapon - Stormstout brewery has a fairly high drop rate for a staff off the last boss if the other two items don't put you high enough to run lfr.

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