stealth broken

So i was in a battleground went stealth ran to a pally. He was level 80 i am level 84 and there was no way he could see me from far away. I was about to shadow step to him and he hit me as if i was out of stealth just running at him(obviously killed him but that's not the point) . This has happened to me about 10 times so far at first i though it was just me hitting other binds or not using stealth. I don't know maybe i am doing something wrong just wanted to know if this is happening to anyone else?
I'm having serious problems with stealth, not related to pvp but just while I'm out farming herbs. I will vanish and be stealthed, and mobs will see me from quite a distance away... or I'll be in combat and it will let me restealth, only I get unstealthed a few seconds later... really weird things.

I also tried vanishing in Krasarang yesterday, and it didn't work at all... the archers there can't see through stealth, but maybe they don't drop aggro when we vanish, like the guards in capital cities?

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