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Hello all, my current guild is currently having too many problems with attendance and people showing up for raids. So i've decided to look into a new one.

I am currently 6/6NM MSV and 1/6NM HoF, my current guild isn't progressing due to bellow average dps / healers + low attendance to raids.

I have been raiding for a while now, did full clear FL / DS both on nm and hm when they were the main raid.

I'm currently on Frostmourne but will server change if I am given a spot in a core team which is progressing well, has stable players and is friendly ofc :)

I raid late night so anything past 8pm in the +8GMT timezone would be perfect.

feel free to add me
Battletag : Marlonious#3909

Thanks! look forward to hearing from you!
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Hello, LoW 25m 13/16
We currently are in need of rogues so if you like through a app up at www.Lowguild.com

cheers koony :)
Will be in touch - our WA team raids from 7:30pm - 10:30pm (GMT+8) - unsure if this would be too early for you (you mentioned that you are looking for 8pm onwards)

Battle tag Addo#1551 - I added your tag last night.
Shift team QAR 6/6msv 3/6 looking for a Rogue Full Part time raid 8pm server time starts.

Added your battle tag.
hey lock, Exonerated are recruiting, we only been up for 2 weeks and are 6/6 MSV 3/6 HOF, we are currently recruiting a melee rogue for our core team as we are still trying form up our core, you could be a good fit for us. Raid times are Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday (9PM - 12PM ST), pst or email me in-game
ps - as we are still a relatively new guild our website is still under construction so can't link that yet unfortunately.

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