{Bug} Flawless Battle Stones Disappearing

Bug Report
When I logged out of my character that had been awarded one in winterspring off of a battle with a varmit 5000 it disappeared from my bags.
I have a similar issues. I won a flawless battle-stone, and when I used my hearth stone it disappeared. I opened a ticket, waited two days for an answer, only to be told it was in my bank. I disabled all add-ons, checked my bank/bags, no stone! /sigh. Have another ticket open, with a 2 day wait time.

I called phone support and the tech was able to find the stone. When I used my hearth, the game put the stone in my bank, but it put it in an non-existing bank slot. The guy said it was slot 4 trillion or something crazy like that. He deleted it and sent me a new one.
Thanks this is helpful. Mine disappeared after getting one from a Battle in Grizzly Hills then i ported to Summer's Rest shortly there after i went looking for it and I no longer had my Flawless Battle Stone. I now have a ticket open and waiting (3 day 11 hr. wait time) *sigh*. I will let GM know what happened to you and hopefully that can help him restore mine. Thanks. :)
Thank you for this post! I thought I was going insane. I knew I hadnt used it. I put it in a certain area in my backpack so I wouldn't use it until I decided what to use it on. Sigh I hope they replace it
This is the EXACT thing that happened to me.
Mine disappeared too. I did not know which pet I wanted to use it on and I was going to save it until I decided. Logged on tonight and it was gone. I wish I would have know about this bug and I would have used it right away. Opened a ticket and I am hoping for the best.
Same thing happened to me. I had an Aquatic and Beast Flawless Battle-Stone. I used the Aquatic and the Beast stone disappeared...

I put in a ticket and was told that I had used the stone... >.<

Time to re-explain and wait 2 days and hope for a better out-come..

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