<FairyTail> Open Recruiting for 25m

Guild Recruitment
Level 25
Thrall - US
1900 Guild Ach Points
Currently 5/16HM

Our objective is to get into 25m for and making that our core team. Most of us have 25m exp and prefer the more loot that comes with it. Our doors are open and accepting any class and role to a limit of 3-4 of one class.

If a whole 10m is willing to merge with us, we have a GM rank for the current GM of your guild and officers can also remain the same. We would have a detailed discussion before hand.

Mostly in need of Range Dps and Healers

FairyTail has one goal, and thats to make a friendly environment for all players while being serious and getting stuff done while raiding.

The planned days for 25m would be:

Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 9p-1a EST

Leave a comment below or PST me in game for further details.
BattleTag: Warfurby#1108
Real ID: Justin_ballf1ss@yahoo.com
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