Ele shaman capable of resto LF raid guild

Alittle about my shaman. She has been my main since Toc in wrath. I healed on her all the way till the end of cata. Cleared icc back in the day. As well as ds in last xpac. Right now shes on a small realm. Has been since I created her.
Most of the people I raided with quit. Im in a raid guild now and we are raiding but its just not the same. Im looking for a fresh start. I am a smart raider. Keep flasks in my bags. show up early and learn fight mechanic's fast.
I am ilvl 482 right now. I am serious about transfering and want to continue raiding.
Would love to chat with you about raiding with our guild. Tues/Thur 8:15 - 11:00 server. After a late start in MOP we are 3/6 MSV (should be 4/6 this week np) and looking for steady progress forward.

Gaspin 1930 is battletag is if you want to chat with me :)

Hope to talk to you soon
We are a newly transferred guild to Stormrage-US PVE server. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to fill out our team. Most of us have been friends and raided together for at least three years.

What we look for:
- Know your class and any off spec you may have
- Have knowledge of the fights and come prepared to each raid. (Food, Flasks, Potions, etc)
- Must have 100% raid attendance or atleast close, we don't recruit for a bench

Raid times:
Monday-Thursday 9:30PM-1:30AM EST (server time)
8:30PM-12:30AM CST
6:30PM-10:30PM PST

Currently recruiting:
Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin
Disc or Holy Priest

Frost Death Knight
Fury Warrior
Enhance Shaman

Prot Paladin

Visit our website at: http://lastpull-stormrage.enjin.com/

For more information:
Crysten - Cristen#1477

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