Critter Kill Squad

Does the creepy crates' kills no longer count towards this achievement? If so, I would be sadly disappointed.
I can confirm that they do not.
I have been watching my Toxic Wasteling very closely for the last several days and though it still chomps on any critter within range it's no longer adding to my total for "Critter Kill Squad". That is a let-down. As I very very rarely kill a critter myself, I think it's cool to realize that virtually all of the nearly 6,000 critters my guild has killed are from out pets.
I was (and keep) hoping Blizzard will either fix or return the pets kill counts towards the achievement.
Seems pretty obvious to me that it was broken before and fixed now. It's very unlikely that it was ever intended that you be able to do this by sitting AFK in a place where critters spawn.
I've been wondering about this myself, atm my favorite pets are the creepy crates and the toxic wastelings.
If it was not intended that these kills count towards a purely cosmetic achievement, then why put such such a ridiculously high total on the requirements for the achievement?

"But wait!" you might interject... "What about the pet you can buy from the guild vendor, once your guild gets the achievement?"

Purely Cosmetic Achievement, for a purely cosmetic pet.. that gives the pet collectors one more pet to acquire. In-Game Achievements, for the most part, are completely cosmetic; not many of them give much of an in-game reward.
Is there any way to track the number of critters you have killed for this quest?
Thanks for the help!
way to track the number of critters you have killed for this quest?

Yep. Go to your own achieve tab, dig up this achieve, /sigh at its lack of shiny gold sheen, then click the Track button.
Is there any reason that this achieve would not increase? In the last few days I have killed at least 100 critters, yet the total does not move at all when I kill one.
Nevermind. Guess I had some kind of an issue. It has updated now

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