cloud serpent flying training

I,m exalted with shado pan ! I did the final quest and recieved the mount(Onyx).I can,t mount,it says I need to learn cloud serpent flying.Can you tell me where I learn this.It didn,t come automaticly.Thanks!!
You need to earn Exalted status with the Order of the Cloud serpent faction. When you reach Exalted, you will automatically learn Cloud Serpent Flying.
Hey Firesign, here are a few tips to help you build rep faster!

1) Like Neatherwing you can gain more rep with egg turn-ins. The Onyx Egg's are all over the island area where you do the bandage quest, including on top of the pillar areas. It's a good idea to do a sweep of the area before you do the bandage quest, and right after. As well as checking every so often if you are in the area. The eggs don't glitter (or at least I don't remember them doing so), so be extra on the look out. But once you know what they look like in game you should be good to go. There is no limit to the amount of eggs you can gather and turn-in. So if you really wanted to you could max out rep in a day or two.

2) For the bandage quest you don't need to have a full cast to get credit. Once you see the little guy get the de-buff go ahead and move on to the next one. Also you can do this quest with out pulling any of the mobs. The area I liked to go to was the north-west-ish inland beach area where the land jots up quickly to the south of the beach. Always four-ish guys needing to be patched up. Then by the shack where you talked to the panda the first time you where in the area.

4) For fish cakes I found that I wasted less time when doing all the quests after I spent some time one day fishing up two stacks of the fish needed. This was because when doing the fishing quest I always got the fish needed for that quest but had to waste a few more minutes fishing up the fish to make the cakes. But once I pregamed the cooking quest fish I wasn't wasting that time since I was getting some of the fish back when doing the fishing quest. With two stacks it worked out that I never ran out of the fish to make the fish cakes. Of course you could not do this, but if you find yourself trying to get all the quests in before reset it can make the difference.

5) I'd suggest picking up a Lorewalker's Lodestone while on your way to the training ground for a quick port as well.

I hope these things help you out a bit, also happy grinding.
I'm going to semi-hijack this thread for just a second and I apologize, but how do you start the cloud serpent quest line? I've gone over to the Arboretum and there aren't any quests there. So I went to two moons and I went to the guy that gives the starting quest and he doesn't have any quests for me to pick up. Suggestions/help?
I have a lvl 90 priest, I just earned exalted with the order or the cloud serpent and did not automatically learn cloud serpent flying, I did get to buy a cloud serpent, but when I try to mount it says I need to talk to my trainer, which I have done and theres nothing for me to learn. Now what?
Sounds like you didn't finish the quest line. The explanations here and elsewhere are also misleading -- upon hitting Exalted, the final quest "Riding the Skies" ( becomes available, and that's what gives you both the mount and the training.
wrong place to ask the question. will start a new thread

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