FYI to Stormwind City Guard

I make mention of you at page three here:

I don't want to make any inadvertent misrepresentations, so feel free to correct me if and where I am wrong.
Well while I imagine that anyone who upholds the King's Law might be perceived as a 'Dudley Do-right' if only because we must be dedicated and inflexible in the execution of our jobs, we are still human and still prone to all the foibles humans are prone to. Some of us have flaws we must try to keep from interfering in meting out justice -- whether it is prejudice, inexperience, or tenderheartedness that impairs our judgement.

Still it is our duty to protect the citizens of Stormwind from threats both foreign and domestic. We are chosen to go beyond the role of soldier, and ensure that the King's justice is served for all his citizens.

King's Honor, friend.

(( and yes I do feel it's a fair summary on the whole. SGC can represent a lot of work RP-wise, filling out reports and such, but it comes easier with practice. I think it daunts many players who might otherwise join just to wear the cool uniform. ;) But on the subject of 'Dudley Do-Rights', let us not forget that being lawful doesn't mean one is necessarily good...." ))

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