The additional Operation Shieldwall quests

I've only done the optional crane quest so far out of the ones that you purchase. I have to say that the time that it takes to do this quest and possibly others is far from being worth the time.

It took me over an hour, maybe an hour and a half to get all 5 feathers for the second part of the quest. After that you have to fight the boss which had 12 million health and really requires at least 3 people. A tank, dps and one healer.

The reward? A whopping 220 rep, or 240 rep if you're human.

Just isn't worth the trouble. Way to much risk and time necessary to be invested for such a menial reward.
Have you tried the ones in the quarry yet?

I did two of them (killing the Reliquery folk and freeing the Pandaran spirits) and quit. The others were too painful.
The "additional" quests you obtain by buying the traps and then capturing the beasts after a long painful slog through gathering materials for the traps do not give any rep and are a pain to do. The only good thing about them is being able to put the beast into the cages. When there are beasts in the cages they allow for the battle, which will give the quests for rep. You can only do one of those quests a day by the way. And you need not have trapped an animal either. So, you may just want to wait until someone is battling a beast and then join in to get credit.

Normally the quarry is ok as long as you do it slowly. As a bear it is not too bad. I have seen some DPS players in there that can really eat through the NPCs, so they tend to finish faster that I. Grouping has been helpful for me in the past.
Yeah the time vs reward on all of them is truly pitiful and really should be changed.
I was able to complete the full set of dailies today in less than an hour.

Not counting the trapping.

Killing the elite is a group quest. You can get as many people working on it as possible and with 5+ it will be a breeze.

I do agree that trapping the beasts in the first place takes a prohibitive amount of time. Especially the crane. The other two aren't so bad, but the crane quest is just absurd.
idk what's going on with you guys it honestly takes me 15 20 minutes to do all 5 of the regular dailies if your tanks i guess it's understandable but i just go shadow in my healing gear and it's a breeze .. and with the beastmaster quests .. the crane/tiger ones are stupid the drop rates are !@#$ .. the crab one is the easiest one takes me maybe MAYBBBEE 10 minutes to gather all the stuff and the crab can be soloed by ranged it will take you a while if nobody joins in but right before i summon him i say so in general and people who want there rep generally show up you shouldn't be having this much trouble with the dailies

hope this kind of helped happy gaming :)

4260 Honored Operation: Shieldwall.

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