JC/Alch Suggestion - Primal Diamond mats

I know that in past expansions Jewelcrafters had a problem where hybrid gems were much harder to move than the solid colors, I'm glad Blizzard realized that as well and made steps to fix this issue. I feel like they went a little too far, though.

Increasing the strength of secondary stats and increasing the budgets for these stats on gems was more than enough to resolve the problem. I've been listing gems daily and I sell many times more orange/green/purple cuts than I do red/blue/yellow.

This would be perfect to be able to move all color of gems, but then they also made the mats for Primal Diamond transmutes to the three hybrid gems. Combine the two and I end up having stacks of blue/red/yellow gems sitting in the bank while having to buy stacks of Golden Lotus daily in order to transmute more hybrid gems for cuts and transmutes.

I think that if Blizzard changed the mats for the Primal Diamond transmute to require 2 Primordial Ruby, River's Heart, and Sun's Radiance it would help to even out the gems we use instead of running out of one while having a surplus of the other.
I think a key component of game design is choice. This implementation forces you to choose how to best use your gems. That said, I really do think that secondary stats being worth twice the value of primary stats was a bit two far, and devalues the sold colors. A 1.5x increase, like with stamina, would have been a better starting value, that they could have always buffed down the road.

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