[H]<Pwny Express>New 10m Raid Team Recruiting

Recruiting raiders for a new 10m raiding team! We raid 8-11PM EST every Tues and Thurs. Semi-hardcore raiding with a casual feel. Looking for a tank, a healer (preferably shaman, druid, or monk), and 2 DPS. Prefer ilvl 463+. We have experienced raiders on this roster looking to start raiding as the horde!

Please contact Atreiu in-game or post your interest, here!

More info: <Pwny Express> is a new level 25 guild to join Zul'Jin. We promote a mature community of friendly players interested in all content from leveling to PVP to Raiding. We're also a little alt crazy :) Occasional contests with Chopper rewards! 50 slot ventrilo server and website. Come join us!
Hey guys, changed raid times to reflect accurate TZ. Raids are 8-11 EST every Tues and Thurs. See you in-game!
Hi Mat, you look good as a belf ;>

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