<Hellscreams Eyes> now recruiting

Hellscreams Eyes now recruiting; any race, any class, any level.

RP guild but will accept non-RPers who are oriented to PvP.

Yeah, we're your huckleberries. We'll be the bad guys some of you need to feel good about yourselves.

Guild theme is Horde fanatics - loyalists to Garrosh Hellscream, and those who would seek to infiltrate such an organization. (If you wish to play a mole however, be subtle about it. Not that we care, but we want some good RP from your espionage.)

If you wish to join us to RP, know your lore or be willing to learn it, keep your 'badness' convincing, within the TOS, and no Mary Sues.

If you read "Tides of War" you will remember Malkorok.

Malkorok is the kind of winner we are looking for.
Stop looking at me.
Lokkama is now the GM for<Hellscreams Eyes>

I don't have the time to nurture this so late in the game, and she has the commitment.

I wish her all the best.
Are you guys re-rolls from <Uther's Other Hand>?
Are you guys re-rolls from <Uther's Other Hand>?

Close, they're from <Shattered Foot>.
Okay. Now I want to make <Malfurions Beak>.

Edit: And good luck, bad guys!
Okay. Now I want to make <Malfurions Beak>.

Edit: And good luck, bad guys!

Thank you! Realistically we are not really going active until after the holidays are over, but we are certainly open to new members.

We'll need the luck for such a niche project, and Blizzard has beaten Garrosh so hard with the dumb ogre hammer that this is going to be a challenge.
12/02/2012 10:48 PMPosted by Lukar
Stop looking at me.

Why are you nervous, brother?
I appreciate the advice Kiraleen, and it is all good. He's been made so two dimensional and obnoxious that it is going to be hard. I've tried to avoid spoilers so I don't know if he gets killed, bound or banished, but it may be easier to RP an out of power bunch of loyalists or something on the order of the sinister RL O.D.E.S.S.A. organization or Stille Hilfe (these two being system analogues only - not RL political endorsements in any way - inb4 the slander from the RP and PC police).

We may have to borrow some of dad's luster too, and we will certainly hark back to the glory days of Grom and Orgrimm.

RPing eeeeevillll is tough to do well. It is done so often, and so badly, that any dropped ball or cliche brings a cringe and the automatic association with every other failed Mary Sue in black. It will have to be done with care and consistency and I don't anticipate a large membership. Unlike most black hat RP guilds ours will be based on unyielding hardline politics and war policy. We may have put ourselves into as difficult a niche as <Stormwind City Guard>, for the opposite reasons. We'll just have to see.

BTW, when Garrosh does fall, we'll be in bland faction tabards or no tabards for IC purposes when we have to go underground, like out and about in the city.
I think it's great that you seem to understand the difficulties in RP'ing villains, Lokkama. It's certainly something that is difficult to do but as long as you have a handle on it, darker RP can make for some very dynamic interactions.

I wish you guys the best of luck =)
Hellscream's Eyes will make nice fuzzy dice for my chopper.

When I get a chopper that is.
12/17/2012 06:49 PMPosted by Halldór
When I get a chopper that is.

You'll get a chopper. Your cleft skull shall be its sheath.
"No man is a black magician in his own eyes." -- Richard Cavendish The Black Arts

For the past hundred years, the most malicious and bloody deeds on earth were done by those who just knew they were in the right.

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