So why are Crafting Professions...

so darn hard to level alongside your gathering profession?

My new hunters Skinning is at 330 while his Leather-working is stuck at 181 because of lack of certain needed items not Skinning related are not available on any AH or at such a high price that he cannot afford to buy it.
Skinning was always really simple to level. Same with herbalism, though not nearly as fast.

But Blizzard lowers experience requirements when a new expansion is released for a variety of reasons. That combined with hierloom gear and a lack of beneficial crafted items while leveling, makes the professions somewhat lackluster and harder to level.

Your best bet if questing is to simply skip crafting professions and go with dual gathering ones.
A crafting profession always lags behing it's "partner" gathering profession for a few reasons.

1. Receive more skill ups for collecting mats for one item than you receive for crafting that item. If an item takes 10 of a material to get, you've probably gotten 5-10 skill ups, and making that item is going to get you one skill up.
2. Little or no immediate incentive to level crafting profession. You're not going to be excited to craft and wear a level 50 green bracer.
3. Void in mats supplied by other professions. The few players moving through mid-level content may just be vendoring excess mats - that's what I do when I powerlevel, rather than bother with the AH.

In the endgame, the benefits of having max level crafting professions vastly outweighs having a gathering profession.
Have you been running the Darkmoon Faire profession quests? +5 skill points/month isn't much, but it can be handy for getting past any bottlenecks you might run into.
Thanks for all the explanations folks.

I have basically decided to put a hold on leveling my crafting profession until I reach level 90.
With a 187 skill, it also might not hurt just to drop LW for the time being to get another gathering profession, or at least consider the possibility for leveling and a little extra gold.

But glad we could help.
Leatherworking definitely has some severe legacy/vanilla-design bottlenecks in the 175-300 skill ranges. It is a huge headache to skill-up while you level your character at the same time.

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