Where's the Trillium?

As stated, I've been doing quite a bit of mining lately and just haven't come across much, if any at some points. Anyone have any 'good paths' where they've had more success?

Was the intent for trillium nodes to be as rare as Pyrite? For me, it seems it has a much rarer spawn than pyrite.
Just a FYI. Alchs can convert 10 ghost iron bars into one Trillium bar. No CD on it from what I saw. So all that Ghost Iron we get that is every where is really a ton of Trillium in your bags....if ya got a alch alt or friend.
Thanks, will check when I get home - this toon is my alchemist
I havent found a spot that is always trillium like i found spots in cata for pyrite. Dread wastes and Townlong seem to have more of it than other zones.
I always have great luck in Kun-Lai near the cave ((And in the cave)) with the yetis is great for trillium, same with the Tu Shen Burial Ground in Vale.
I actually get far more trillium by fishing than mining for some reason. It also seems to come much more evenly distributed than when mining.
There's usually a node or two when I do a circuit of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
Trillium is in Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes, and then you can also find it anywhere lvl 90 stuff is, including the island where Cloud Serpent dailies are, the Vale, and the mountain range where you do most of the Tiller dailies.
It's a lot easier to just transmutate ghost iron.
Probably cheaper too.

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